ATM tampered with at State Street bank

June 10, 2013 

— A Boise bank’s ATM was tampered with, placing the customers who have used that machine at risk, Boise police said.

Employees of US Bank on 17th Avenue and State Street called police Saturday after a technician fixing the machine noticed signs of tampering.

Police said the ATM might have been targeted by a credit card skimmer, a device that can record a card’s number and PIN when it is inserted into the machine, police said. Skimmers are used to steal bank information and gain access to customers’ accounts. Because the device is hidden inside the machine, people withdrawing money often do not know they have been victimized.

However, Dave Web, a manager at the bank, said there was no proof a skimmer was used. A BPD spokesman also said they had not found signs of credit card skimming.

There have been no reports of stolen bank information or suspicious account activity from the US Bank location, according to the Boise Police Department.

Police said they did not know whether accounts had been compromised or not, but urged consumers to be diligent about checking their bank statements for fraudulent activity.

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