Letters to the editor: 06-10-2013

June 10, 2013 


Senate bill containednumerous flaws

The people complaining about common sense gun bills being voted down should read the moronic parts of the bills.

Bill S.374, an Obama special, would make it a federal crime to 1) lend a lifelong friend a gun for any reason, 2) hand a gun to a student while teaching a firearms safety course at school, 3) share a gun for self-defense anywhere outside the home.

When I was 10 years old I went to a multigrade country school. There was no school bus, so we walked to school. I thought the teacher was a mean old battle-ax. During hunting season I would sometimes take my .22 rifle to school so I could hunt on the way home. The teacher never once thought I was bringing my rifle to harm her or the students, and I never had any such moronic thoughts.

I would take the bolt out and give it to her and set the rifle in the cloak room. Maybe we had a better sense of honor and trust back then. The people who started zero tolerance at schools are unqualified. Of the 76,000 firearm purchases denied by the federal check system, only 44 were prosecuted. Why?



Right to Work lawstarted downward slide

Great article Rian Van Leuven wrote explaining what's happening to working people of America. Maybe people will realize why workers' wages in Idaho are 45th among the 50 states.

A few years ago the Republican Party in Idaho led the effort to make Idaho a "Right to Work State," and guess what - it worked. It drove the unions right out of the state, and the rich got richer and the middle class started to disappear.

Let's review what labor unions do for their members. They bargain for:

1. Realistic living wages.

2. Safe working conditions.

3. Comprehensive health care.

4. Expectation of a decent pension.

Yes, you have to pay union dues, but it's worth every dollar.

I belonged to a union for 30 years and was able to educate my four children through college and live a good, middle-class life. The company I worked for made reasonable profits.

The labor movement in America helped build the middle class. It has been, and is, under attack, and you must do something about it.

My message to the working people of Idaho is, wake up. Vote the Democrats into office. They will bring unions back to Idaho and with that an overall rise in wages and your standard of living.



Companies at fault

Fault of insurance companies?

Am I the only one that sees something wrong with this scenario? I am getting ready to have a port removed. A friend says it's a 20-minute procedure that she had done in the doctor's office for a little over $500, so that is kind of what I was expecting. I thought the insurance company would have a flat fee they would pay for a port removal. Boy, was I wrong.

These are approximate prices for January 2013 that the insurance company would pay: facility No. 1, $400; facility No. 2, $936.70; and facility No. 3, $1,895, for the same port removal. All along I was told it was a minor 20-minute procedure. Even though I have insurance, I was flabbergasted by the third charge. Upon doing some investigation, even though No. 3 knew it was a 20-minute procedure, they automatically charge a minimum of one hour for their facility. What got to me even more after talking with the insurance company was finding out they set up "contracts" with different facilities on what the insurance company will pay. I believe the insurance companies are a good share of the reason our medical costs are skyrocketing.



Priorities misplaced

Nice to see our elected officials hard at work solving the big problems in Idaho. Clearing the Capitol area of protesters and homeless seems to be high on the list. Must be problematic to walk past "those people" on their way to lunch with a lobbyist.


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