Letters to the editor - 06-08-2013

June 8, 2013 


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... to customer who paid

To the gentleman at the Blue Canoe who "paid it forward" by paying for our lunch on a Saturday. Thank you! We hope the trip on your red motorcycle was as wonderful for you as your generosity was for us.


... for a timely letter

Our thanks go to Mr. Mike Bradbury of Mountain Home for submitting one of the best letters to the Editor that we have ever seen in the Idaho Statesman. ("Exploring the world of the unknown..." May28).

To recap some of his points: "If we aren't to judge all Muslims for the acts of many of them, why is it OK to hammer gun owners for the actions of a few?"

And, "If Nixon was forced to resign over a coverup at a hotel where nobody was killed, why does Obama keep getting free passes? (e.g., Benghazi, et al.).

And, "Why are tea partyers called Nazis when it's the other side generating mandates and takeovers and dictating how we need to live?"

And, "How does opposing socialism qualify as one's being a racist?"

Our thanks to the Statesman for printing Mr. Bradbury's excellent letter! Too bad it hasn't nationwide exposure.



A lesson for golf club

It was noted, Memorial Day weekend, that a local golf club (Crane Creek) used a small American flag on a pole for hole markers (a noble gesture). However as the players came to a hole, they would remove the flag, laying it on the ground while they played the hole. That is a big transgression, the American flag is never to touch the ground. I blame the club manager for not taking the proper corrective action to stop this and further, the board of directors for not using proper oversight. This showed a blatant disrespect for the millions who have given their lives for the flag and this country. Maybe those responsible should be replaced and the disrespect never be allowed to happen again.



Research makes the case for nuclear families

Prove all things and hold fast to that which is true. The proof of traditional marriage (a family with a father, mother and biological children) is confirmed in these findings, according to research of W. Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia:

1. Children in intact marriages have fewer problems than peers from divorced, never married or biological parents who live together without being married.

2. Kids in single-parent homes are three times more likely to struggle. The most dangerous household for children is a single-parent living with a partner who is not related to the child.

3. Boys are half as likely to be incarcerated, and girls are seven times more likely to be pregnant as teens, if dad left before they were 6 years old.

4. Children don't do as well where parents cohabit. Children from cohabiting households are 116 percent more likely to smoke and 60 percent less likely to graduate from high school. Cohabitation presents a greater risk to children than divorce.

5. Marriage is thriving among those with a college education, but among others it is losing ground.

Many researchers fear we are retreating from one of society's most valuable and critical institutions.



Idaho lawmakers refuseto back proper labeling

Lawmakers assured adequate safety measures and regulations, even without human safety testing.

We're told to avoid unlabeled GMOs by avoiding GMO crops or eating organic, but unapproved genetically modified wheat was discovered in Oregon.

Non-GMO farmers have been burdened, trying to prevent contamination of GMOs. For years, Idaho's non- GMO farmers have taken losses in export markets due to seed stock and crop contamination. With GMOs banned or labeled in 64 countries around the world, the stakes are high for export markets. It is an unreasonable risk.

Idaho Wheat Commission indicates wheat represents $639 million in total sales and 8,592 jobs. GMOs are not accepted overseas, so GMO wheat was never approved for sale. In spite of supposed safety regulations, GMO wheat has been found, risking this segment of Idaho's economy.

Cross-pollination and genetic contamination continue to undermine consumer confidence among those wishing to avoid GMOs, here and abroad.

Our representatives refuse to support labeling to allow choice.

How long will Idaho lawmakers claim to represent small farmers and average Idaho consumers, while they continue to protect the biotech industry? We must hold lawmakers accountable and demand they protect all farmers and support mandatory labeling of GMO foods.

JENNY EASLEY, GMO Free Idaho, Middleton

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