State extends deadline for proposals to relocate Knudsen House

June 7, 2013 

The State of Idaho has extended a deadline until July 31 for proposals that will determine the fate of Boise’s historic Knudsen House.

The state needs to clear the house located at 603 W. Franklin St. to expand a parking garage in the future.

The state is accepting bids from prospective buyers interested in relocating the Dutch Colonial Revival style house, preferably near its existing location.

The state is also accepting bids from those interested in deconstructing the structure and salvaging the materials.

The state views deconstruction as a worst-case scenario, said Martin Santoyo, project manager for Idaho Division of Public Works. He said the state extended the original June 24 deadline for a month to give those interested in relocating the house more time to put together proposals.

“Looking at our project and our schedule, it makes sense for us to extend the deadline,” Santoyo said. “There’s a lot of time frame between deadline for the (proposals) our evaluations of the proposals and the time frame when we want to do something with the property.”

Mark Baltes, a member of the North End Neighborhood Association, had criticized the state’s short timetable. Baltes said the deadline extension was good news, but he still doubted the new deadline allowed enough time for buyers to make all of the plans necessary to relocate the house.

“I’m encouraged, but I still think it’s a dreadfully short timeline to make something really happen,” Baltes said.

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