Letters to the editor - 6-7-13

June 7, 2013 


Old drive-ins were good

I am thoroughly enjoying your 150 series. I have lived in Boise for most of my adult life since 1934.

In your piece about "drive-ins," you talked about recent drive-ins but failed to mention those that preceded those in your article. Prominent among them was Murray's and Blue and White Drive-In, both on the south side of Front Street, between Capitol Boulevard and 10th Street.

Murray's was my favorite. Blue and White Drive-In closed first and was replaced by the Wanek-Stein Insurance Agency. Murray's was best-known for the milkshake mixer glasses filled to the brim with root beer, great on a hot summer day after a session of tennis on the clay courts in Julia Davis Park.



Pay him to stay home

Dennis Miller is coming to Boise. I wonder if we could pay him to stay home with his predictably childish, vulgar humor, his dismal failure on Monday Night Football, his boorish attachment to the increasingly irrelevant Bill O'Reilly, and his failure as an actor. Bringing Dennis Miller to a venue speaks more of desperation than entertainment.



Republicans lead way in scandal category

Conservatives are big on witch hunts, starting wars and losing their campaign finance money.

They are still trying to cover up the disastrous results of their last witch hunt, which resulted in the deaths of thousands in Iraq, turning it into the biggest military blunder in American history.

They can thank Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld for that witch hunt, looking for imaginary weapons of mass destruction.

To pacify the public, Bush got rid of Saddam, which plunged Iraq into a civil war. In a moment of supreme bravery, Bush targeted Saddam's wife and daughters with our "Shock and Awe" missiles. To further impress the American public, Bush held a phony victory ceremony aboard the USS Lincoln to announce his "Mission Accomplished."

The same bunch of conservative congressmen responsible for our expensive blunder and killing in Iraq are now trying to hang President Obama for the four terrorist deaths in Libya. These do-nothing congressmen are using Benghazi as a smokescreen to cover up their own dirty tricks. We wouldn't want these do-nothing congressmen to lose their plush jobs and pensions over the lives and money they cost us in Iraq.



State officials wrong on health exchange

Is everyone else as sick-to-death of being lied to by politicians as I am? We were told over and over again by legislators and the governor, supporting the State Health Insurance Exchange (SHIX), that it wouldn't be controlled by the feds. Now, right out of the gate, they're turning the first and most critical piece - the IT system and data development - over to the feds. Sheesh! The first piece of SHIX goes straight to the feds to control!

Now how much faith do you think we should have in the promise that the feds will only have that for the first year? Right. NONE. So what are you going to give away next, Gov. Otter? And you want to be re-elected for a third term? How much of the farm are you giving away next term? The whole thing (PPACA) is going to crash and burn, and you put Idahoans right into the middle of it. You and all your legislative supporters. Thanks for nothing!



Boundary lines confusing

For a couple of weeks prior to the election, we had been getting the campaign ads from the GBAD candidates.

I was somewhat excited to think we'd be able to vote in this election after reading the Statesman articles on Sunday May 19.

I carefully read the article and checked the boundary lines (that are drawn roughly) according to the article, and yes, we were within the area stated, but I couldn't find any voting locations.

Even after getting on the GBAD and the Statesman websites I still didn't know where to vote. One of the sites referred to the Ada County elections office, so I called there. Much to my disappointment and frustration, the lady informed me that we were not able to vote and that the GBAD map is very general. The moral of this story is: The candidates spent Lord knows how much money sending campaign ads to hundreds of people that were not eligible to vote, and at what expense?

If this is how they intend to oversee the money for the GBAD, I can only feel that there may be a problem with credibility there.


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