Letters to the editor - 06-06-13

June 6, 2013 


Go to Cuba if you don’t like columnist

Offended? Gosh, I am sorry! In reply to Deane Zeller, Mickey Angell, Kenneth Viste and Rod ­Brumbalow (May 31, letters):

Class, your assignment for today is to read Amendment I and Amendment II of the Constitution. Notice nowhere does it state that you have the right to not be offended! If you are so sensitive, perhaps you’d be happier in Russia or Cuba. Newspapers there never publish anything that offends “Dear Leader.” People there who disagree are locked up, killed or lobotomized.

Perhaps you could ask your friends at the IRS to audit and prosecute Charles Krauthammer as they have done with Frank Vandersloot and many others who disagree with our Dear Leader. That ought to stop him!

As for guns, if I had not had my pistol handy in 2005 when a drug addict high on meth ran in my back door, I would be dead now. And no, I do not need a background check. It would not have stopped him. He stole his gun. I legally bought mine.

Have a nice day!



Allowing gays is the right way to go

The Boy Scouts’ decision to allow gay young men into scouting was a real step forward. There was a lot of pressure by religious groups to undermine this effort.

Denying young men at such an important time in their lives the opportunity to learn and enforce so many skills that help them to be good productive citizens would have been wrong. I look back on my scouting days as such a learning experience.

I wish my Scoutmasters were alive today so I could thank them for all the time they devoted to a group of young boys in our formative years. The arguments against the decision will find that just as the big to-do about gays in the military would lead to its demise, it’s not even newsworthy today.

How many men in prison today may have gone a different way if they had the opportunity of being a Boy Scout of America?



Operations involve animal cruelty

Boycott all circuses with animals.

“When you know better, you do better.” Some very wise words from award-winning poet Maya Angelou. Well, it’s circus season in the Treasure Valley, and I want you to know of the cruelty occurring behind the scenes at animal circuses — so that you can do better by boycotting them altogether.

Ringling Brothers and other animal circuses would like us all to buy their tickets as well as their line: “One big, happy family under the big top.” Many of us know better, including the USDA, which fined Ringling a whopping $270,000 for violating the Animal Welfare Act in November 2011.

I encourage you to take a couple minutes to do your own research online. You will likely see the abundance of heartbreaking, undercover footage that I’ve seen.

Baby elephants torn from their mothers, mother and baby crying out for each other, days on end. Elephants being beaten, kicked, whipped, shocked with high-voltage prods, forced to endure filthy, cramped box cars and living quarters, and a lifetime in chains. Doesn’t sound remotely happy to me. These beautiful, sentient creatures deserve better!


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