Idaho high court declines to lift Bujak license suspension

krodine@idahostatesman.comJune 4, 2013 

Former Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak, who has gone through four felony trials without a guilty verdict, won’t see his law license restored before the State Bar Association completes its investigations into allegations about his professional conduct.

The Idaho Supreme Court issued an order Tuesday rejecting a proposal from Bujak and State Bar Counsel Bradley Andrews that the interim suspension Bujak agreed to in December 2011 be lifted. Chief Justice Roger Burdick signed the order, declaring that the suspension will remain in effect as initially approved — until State Bar Association disciplinary proceedings are complete. Bar officials had earlier launched six investigations into allegations of professional misconduct by Bujak but put those proceedings on hold pending resolution of the criminal cases against him. Bujak could not be reached for comment. Bujak was Canyon County prosecutor for about 21 months before he resigned Sept. 30, 2010 — reportedly because he could not pay the county several hundred thousand dollars the county contended he owed from a contract to use county resources to prosecute city of Nampa misdemeanors. After a long investigation, Bujak was charged with misuse of public funds. He was later charged with falsifying evidence in that initial case, plus an unrelated grand theft charge that stemmed from his handling of an estate before he was elected prosecutor. Those cases resulted in two mistrials — hung juries on the public funds and false evidence charges — and two not guilty verdicts — on grand theft and in a second trial for misuse of public funds. Bujak’s interim license suspension has been in effect for 17 months. However long the State Bar investigations take, the full term of Bujak’s interim suspension would be deducted from any suspension or disbarment — which lasts five years — that the State Bar ultimately levies against the former prosecutor.

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