Letters to the editor: 06-03-2013

June 3, 2013 


Those who seek refuge deserve compassion

Recent headlines in the Statesman - about a narrow-minded economic study (May 6) and now about a suspected terrorist who lived in Boise - could play to our fears about the "other" and immigration. As a conservative Republican evangelical, I challenge evangelicals to be informed about immigration from our faith, not fear.

In Matthew 25: 35-36, 40, Jesus commends the faithful for helping the stranger and alien by saying, "I was a stranger and you invited me in... whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me." Jesus commands action, not passivity. Our faith demands the faithful assist the stranger and alien.

Rather than be fueled by fear of the unknown or doubt about the potential for unintended consequences, Evangelicals must turn to the Bible to inform our decisions about immigration. We are a nation of immigrants, and we cannot allow isolated incidents that grab headlines to triumph over the good that immigrants bring to our communities - or the work Jesus commands. We must welcome the strangers among us, and Congress must fix our immigration system now.


Farm workers welcome

Aaron Amos and Michael Duncan (May 20) have the true story on illegals. They are sucking up our tax money like crazy and we're supposed to feel sorry for them! As to breaking up families, they knew the risks when they broke our laws and now hope the "bleeding hearts" will take up their cause. Welcome the legal farm workers with open arms because the local farmers need them.


Border issues divisive

Too bad that Ms. Bachelder and Mr. Travis couldn't have coordinated their thoughts before submitting letters that were publish in the May 26 paper. Ms. Bachelder wants to close all borders while Mr. Travis wants technology for agriculture. Too bad he couldn't get past that first row of sugar beets - who knows, he might have found he had a career in farming, and Ms. Bachelder could then have had her wish and closed the borders.



Cats get a free pass when out carousing

Why are cats more special than dogs? Why are cats allowed to do whatever and go wherever they want to?

They dig and poop in my landscaping, and stalk and kill birds in my yard. I planted native plants in my yard a few years ago, and have been enjoying watching a song sparrow couple rearing their two young in my backyard this spring.

Then today I saw a neighbor cat stalking them, and I had to stop it. I just wish that people had more respect for nature and their neighbors, than for their pets and not having to clean up their own mess. It makes me so angry that people don't think of others around them.


'No dog' signs creating the opposite effect?

If there were no signs thanking people for NOT bringing dogs to the farmers market, would there be fewer dogs or more dogs?



Pressure to join not restricted to labor groups

Just read Melissa Sue Robison's letter to the editor and would like to add that it appears, in this right-to-work state, that as long as you are "unionized" such as doctors, lawyers, real estate, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, Republican primaries; it's OK to "force" people to join them, but when another organization such as local labor union wants the same, that's wrong.

Then we have the "union" of Republicans in this state that ignore voters and do what they want, i.e. term limits that Idaho voters voted for - years ago - and got overturned by our Republican leadership and the never-ending alliances between special interest groups and corporation CEOs.

Want change? Then vote. Just stop voting for these front-running "puppets." If they are "in," you become the term limiter. Vote them out.



Extremist from both camps distort the issue

Any weapon, be it a knife, axe, gun or bomb in the hands of the wrong person can lead to individual killings or mass murder in theaters, malls, classrooms or any other locations where people congregate.

All the rhetoric coming from the "gun nuts," the "anti-gun nuts" and politicians, some of whom have scant knowledge of the subject, are posturing for political gain.

Sportsmen have used shotguns and rifles in the centuries-old noble sport of hunting - seldom, if ever, are these type of guns used to kill a fellow being.

Criminals and terrorists will always be able to illegally procure weapons regardless of background checks and other legal restrictions. When these individuals are apprehended and convicted, they should be dealt swift, harsh punishment.

Recent mass killings indicate that the worst scene involves a mentally disturbed individual with a grudge against society who wants to make a statement calling attention to himself.

A difficult but necessary task falls upon parents, teachers, relatives and friends, but these unfortunate loners must be immediately identified to the public and authorities. They can then be evaluated, given therapy, placed under surveillance or confined.

The type of gun used, the capacity of the clip or magazine are only incidental to the problem.



Storm survivor's prayeranswered at a school

In an interview after the tornadoes in Oklahoma, the principal of one of the elementary schools that was destroyed said that she cried out to God as the tornado was bearing down on the school.

I found this interesting considering that the mention of God has been banned in our public schools. Maybe the secularists/atheists out there will call for her immediate dismissal or imprisonment.

How dare this woman do something that may have offended one of her students or colleagues? Why in this nation do we seek to eliminate God from all areas of public life but then decide to call on Him in the face of tragedy? Recent examples include the Newtown shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing. God is not like a pet that you relegate to a corner but only call on when you're looking for comfort or companionship.

If we continually push God away, why should He be attentive to our pleas for help when disaster strikes?



Dueling opinions voiced

In May 27 Opinions section, Mr. Savino is riling up the liberals and Democrats who think he is a nut case. He points out facts about Obama that the liberal press overlooks because he is "one of them." True believers all.

On the other hand, Mr. Preston will cheer liberals up with the declaration that conservatives hate everything except the Second Amendment. Tea party people don't pay their fair share of taxes, that's why the government can't provide all the free stuff that we all "need."

Tea partiers believe that there are too many people like Sen. Risch that like their "job" because it's party time in Washington. He has got to go!

CHUCK EGAN, Meridian

Letter to the editor was not factual and mean

The letter to the editor appearing in Idaho Statesman on May 27, "President Demonstrates Communist Leanings" is nonsensical, misleading, mean-spirited and inflammatory.

This information is undeserving for Idahoans. Once again the Idaho Statesman has printed a letter from the writer who can't get his oars in the water!


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