Letters to the editor-06-01-2013

June 1, 2013 


... for education experience

A huge thank you to teachers! The last of our five children finishes the K-12 experience. So many remarkable teachers have touched each of their lives.

A special thank you to the teachers at Renaissance High School in Meridian who have worked countless hours beyond their contract time and have managed to provide an incredible experience for their students. I am so grateful our daughter has been one of them. What you accomplish for your students on a daily basis is nothing short of amazing. Please know you are appreciated and valued by your students and their parents. Congratulations as you send off the first graduating class with all four years at RHS. Teachers give their students the keys to the world; thank you.


... to Boise teachers

Thank you Boise School District for the teachers, administrators, coaches and staff of Highlands and Washington elementary schools, Hillside and North Junior High Schools, and Boise High School. The nurturing and education you have provided my two children has been a great thing. It was for those schools that we decided to purchase a home where we did 17 years ago. That was the best decision we made. It frequently astounds me how smart and well educated my kids and their friends are. Many of their teachers and coaches we have known over the years are the most dedicated, hard- working and enjoyable people. We have been so lucky to be part of a community where education is valued and where kids have so many opportunities to excel as they do here in Boise. Thanks again, Boise School District, you've done well.


... to the Knitting Factory

I went to the Knitting Factory Monday night for a show. Have not been there in a while. Asked how the seating is decided (by lottery, etc.) because of a dicey leg. I received an e-mail from the manager telling me when to arrive and whom to contact for a seat. Great customer service!


... to thoughtful couple

To the wonderful couple for paying my dinner bill at Eddie's Diner on State Street Memorial Day. Thank you both very much.



U.S. tolerating brutality

It is difficult to understand our administration's indifference regarding the atrocities that are happening to Pastor Saeed Abedini, a United States citizen who has been sentenced to eight years in the notoriously cruel Evin Prison - simply because of his Christian faith.

He has been brutally beaten, resulting in internal bleeding. How can our government officials continue to ignore this? How would they like it if they were in Pastor Saeed's place and their country turned a deaf ear? Where is their heart in this matter? And where is their commitment to protect the citizens of this nation?

It is quite embarrassing that "other" world leaders have passionately called for Saeed's release, but leaders of Saeed's own country have not said a word (other than Secretary of State John Kerry's one-time, half-hearted lip service weeks ago). Their silence is deafening. We encourage everyone to pray for the Abedinis, as well as the powers that be - and then to follow up by contacting their representatives in Washington, asking them to apply pressure to our administration in order to bring Saeed home to his family where he belongs.



Keep government out

Recent IRS scandalous activity reminds us there will continually be problems when you allow government to intrude in your life. The IRS, which easily lends itself to punitively targeting those opposed to big government, will be charging penalties and deciding qualifications for subsidies to force people to comply with the health care law.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has been soliciting contributions from insurance companies to produce ads to convince people to comply with this government involvement in our lives, which has never had support of the majority of Americans. Have your insurance payments been going up? Wasn't this law supposed to make it affordable?

Americans know what makes our economy work, in health care and every other area is free enterprise; people buying the products and services they want and business competing to provide those things; and people keeping more of their paycheck instead of having it taxed away to pay for things we don't want. The less government interference the better. Increasingly, we've been getting more and more government causing less and less prosperity. We need to remind those we elect to represent us to get the government's nose out of our business.


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