Tech Q&A: New online job service feeds a labor need

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Rod Adams and LaborFeed were featured at the Treasure Valley TechCocktail gathering in April. Twelve new tech companies were included. The event capped the Idaho Technology Council’s annual develop.idaho conference.



    Owner: Rod Adams

    Type of business entity: LLC

    Address: 1775 W. State St. No. 110, Boise, ID 83702

    Phone and business hours: 870-9151, Mon.–Fri., 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.



    Number of employees: Adams plus three part-time workers.

    Investors: None

    Startup costs: $50,000

    Revenues: None so far

    When Adams expects to make a profit: 2015

    Price of services: The site is free for job seekers and employers.


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A couple of years ago, Boisean and former mortgage broker Rod Adams was unemployed, frustrated and trying to find immediate income that would help pay his bills.

"How can I wake up tomorrow and get a job? How many more days can I endure endlessly submitting applications into cyberspace? These are a few of the questions I was asking myself daily for many months," Adams says. "With a solid professional skill set, why could I not find work?

His career search morphed into looking for construction day work. As he browsed some of the popular free-classifieds sites, he struggled to differentiate the multilevel marketing pitches and scams from legitimate job ads. Most days would end in frustration and no money.

So he decided to create a website that would offer the type of service he sought: free access to available contract and day-work jobs. Adams founded

The site aims to address new employment trends identified by the U.S. Department of Labor, as more companies, recovering from the recession, lean more on temporary workers.

"Today's job market landscape is different. So we're different, too," Adams says. "We're here for the laborer and the professional. Our mission is to help you find workers, find jobs and get stuff done."

Six weeks after its official launch, the site features paid office, landscaping, remodeling and computer cleanup jobs plus a bevy of volunteer positions. Most are in the Boise area. A few have offered work in Michigan or California.

"There are homeowners and small businesses in need of workers for small jobs, side jobs, contract jobs, day work and temporary work," Adams says. "My goal is to help people who need income to find those who need workers today."

Adams is still exploring possible models for revenue, but says he is committed to keeping job-seeker ads free.

Q: With whom do you compete?

A: Hire A Helper, Craigslist, Labor Ready.

Q: What makes your business unusual or special?

A: is focused exclusively on contract and day work. Additionally, we offer:

Æ A fully responsive web design - works on smartphones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers.

Æ A rating system to allow for educated employment decisions.

Æ The option to receive real-time job and worker-ad alert emails.

Æ A service that is free to use for both the worker and the employer.

Q: Do you partner with other businesses?

A: We are currently forming relationships with DOL Job Service offices across the nation. On a regional level, LaborFeed works with Adecco staffing.

Q: What challenges have you faced and how have you met them?

A: The project took shape a couple of years ago. The development of the site took 1› years followed by six months of beta testing, with the official launch on April 4. With startups, there are many sacrifices that are made on a personal level. Realizing the impact LaborFeed could make for the unemployed and underemployed keeps the motivation level high.

Q: Why should people do business with you?

A: The service is simple, free and effective. It's not focused on retraining job seekers, but rather matching them up with homeowners and businesses that could benefit from their existing skill set. Our goal is to help people who need income find those who need workers today.

Q: Why should people work for you?

A: The concept of LaborFeed is rooted in helping people. Our employees embrace this way of life.

Q: What do you hope to achieve in the next three to five years?

A: Our objective is to create an awareness of LaborFeed on a national level, providing a tool to ease the financial burden millions of Americans currently struggle with.

Q: What else would you like people to know about you? About your business?

A: It's still a new platform, and there are currently a limited number of job ads posted on However, people looking for work can be proactive in their search by creating an account and posting a "Worker Ad" to highlight their skill set. This only takes a couple of minutes and provides visibility to potential employers.


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