Man allegedly threatens housemates with knife

May 28, 2013 

— A Meridian man was arrested Monday night after he pulled a knife on several people in a home as they attempted to call 911.

The residents of the home had become concerned after Kenneth Richard Roule, 47, took sleeping pills and began acting strangely, said Tracy Basterrechea, deputy chief of the Meridian Police Department.

When someone in the house attempted to call 911, Roule allegedly took the phone away and attempted to break it. When that did not work, he reportedly pulled out a knife and used it to dismantle the phone, Basterrechea said.

Several residents of the house confronted Roule, who allegedly threatened them with the knife. Basterrechea said the victims were able to tackle Roule.

Meridian police officers arrived on scene shortly after. They arrested Roule without incident.

Roule was formerly a contracted fire inspector for the city of Meridian, but left the job six months ago, Director of Public Works Bruce Chatterton said.

Roule is charged with a felony count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and misdemeanor counts of domestic battery and intentional destruction of a telecommunication line.

He was booked into the Ada County Jail Monday night.

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