Letters to the editor: 05-27-2013

May 27, 2013 


Is the governor running commerce?

Commerce Director Otter?

I was surprised to see that our governor is pulling double duty and acting as director of commerce, sending out personal letters inviting gun and ammo manufacturers to relocate to our state.

Just wondering if he dropped a note to any high-tech or R & D companies while he was busy in his new position. Doubtful, since it is well known that those companies and their high-paying jobs tend not to relocate or expand in states where the majority party and leaders don't respect or fund education.

Also, just look at the political mileage he gained by making his effort so public in gun-friendly Idaho. I'm sure this will help him win a third term, and with his continued leadership perhaps we can look forward to continuing a trend to lower wages.

There is no reason to believe we can't get below 45th in the nation in average hourly wage and further our stellar performance in percentage of workers earning minimum wage. Governor, as a commerce director, you make a great politician.



Senators let us down

I'm still rankled by your "Our View" editorial regarding our two U.S. senators' votes against the reasonable gun regulations which were supported by a huge majority of Americans (including me, of course).

It's ironic that both of our "conservative" senators would support the liberal ideal of individualism rather than the conservative - and, may I say, patriotic - ideal of solidarity in the national community. In their minds, evidently, the value of those individuals who fear any diminution of their "Second Amendment rights" is greater than our mutual responsibility for the safety and tranquility of the entire community of citizens.

I realize that our senators are politicians, not philosophers; but a little philosophical reflection might make them not only better politicians, but even statesman.

For now, conservative Idahoans, I believe our "conservative" senators let you down, philosophically and politically. They let the rest of us down, too.

THE RT. REV. JOHN S. THORNTON, (retired Episcopal Bishop of Idaho), Boise

No tolerance for guns

We need to keep and maintain a zero gun tolerance policy for our schools. The old question used to be, "Is there possibly a gun in my school?" Some people want to change that question to, "Who's packing the gun?"

Kids cannot learn in an environment where teachers and even janitors can freely carry a gun. Can you picture a really frustrated teacher putting his pistol on his desk and calmly saying, "Class, you will learn this lesson or else"? Restrict entrance to main doors, install metal detectors, but keep all guns out of schools. Our children need to know that their school is a safe, gun-free area to come and learn.

Our schools should be a haven of safety and security in a state that seems to want to revert back to the Wild West era of Jesse James and Wyatt Earp.


Cellphones pose danger

On May 8, the Statesman reported that gun homicides have dropped 39 percent since their peak of 18,253 in 1993, to 11,101 in 2011. On the same page was an article about how cellphone use while driving is a major contributor to fatal accidents caused by distracted drivers.

There are far more deadly auto accidents each year than homicides.

Where is the outrage? Our precious loved ones are far more likely to be killed in an auto accident by a driver using a cellphone than by a "crazy person" wielding a gun or, much less likely, an "assault weapon." Yet the recent emphasis has been on the need for more gun control laws that will supposedly make our world safer.

It seems to me that our nation's leaders are not interested in saving lives as much as they are about controlling what kind of guns we are allowed to own.

You say that average citizens don't need to own assault-type weapons, but do you really need to talk or text on your cellphone while you're driving? As a law-abiding citizen, my choice of weapons poses no threat to society. Can you say that about your choice to use your cellphone while you drive?


Protection warranted

In response to Jean Jeffries taking offense at a woman carrying a gun openly on her hip, Jeffries must be unaware of the crimes-against-women statistics.

According to the Boise police crime statistics for 2012, in the city of Boise alone, there were:

- 108 rapes.

- 138 sexual assaults (not rape).

- 65 robberies and 380 aggravated assaults.

Statewide, hundreds of restraining orders are issued every month against abusive husbands and boyfriends, and those orders are frequently disobeyed, usually within the first few weeks. If a woman does not have a concealed carry license (which usually takes 90 days to receive), her only option is to openly carry a gun to protect her family.

Perhaps Ms. Jeffries has not been a victim or fearful for her life or safety outside of her home; she is blessed.

Every woman open carrying a gun is deterring attacks on herself and those in her immediate vicinity. The next time you see a woman (or man) open carrying a gun, thank him or her, because that person is keeping you safe.

Most businesses appreciate Idahoans who open carry because they probably won't be robbed while the open carrier is shopping in their store.

VALERIE SNESKO, founder, Armed Women Are Safer.com, Hidden Springs


Columnist has no grasp of healthy families

I never listen to and almost never read Dave Ramsey, but I did today for "Mom, work if you need or want to." As a very senior senior, I well remember what it was like to be a child and continue to be grateful for my parents and having a mother in our home full time.

He obviously has no knowledge of the importance and needs of children. He states he has several mothers on his team who work 40 hours a week and are "excellent mothers." When did he find time to get acquainted with the children to know that they are getting "excellent" care?

He points out the serious problem in the mental health of children who are totally handicapped when they come into the world and need nurturing, love, guidance, meaningful discipline accompanied by spiritual values until they are responsible adults. This is best done by a responsible parent and not one who is paid for day-care services or their school teachers.

He sounds like a person who needs the services of mothers and would deny those services to children who are desperately in need of that care.



Taking God away has not worked

Some say good news; I say sad news. Nampa's Skyview High School now has a state-of-the-art, school/teacher security system.

As a Nampa native I used to think we had the most wonderful place to grow up and live. I was glad we were not like our West Coast city friends that had to have security alarms in every store and had to prepay for gas. But somebody invited all this wonderful stuff into our state and they call it progress; I believe it is regress.

What was wrong with the good old days when we never locked our houses or took a key out of the vehicle ignition?

Every boy carries a pocket knife to school every day. I remember carrying my 16-gauge shotgun onto the bus and down the halls of my Nampa school and was never stopped or asked a question. Now you can get expelled for having a plastic knife in your lunch sack.

Are you surprised? I'm not. This is the result of putting God out of our country, communities, schools and lives. Our leaders say "God bless America" but ought to say God have mercy on us. God cannot bless sin.



Give options to the fetus

On the discussion about "pro choice," etc., I'd like to ask: Which of you had a choice to be born or not? Which of you would prefer not to have been born? Or being born, would you rather have had a mother and father or not?

Which of you was never a fetus? Do you know someone who was never a fetus, thus vulnerable to extinction by others? Do you know of any famous person who could say they were never a fetus?

So I must conclude, all the participants in the discussion have already been born. Do they have the right to decide who else will be born? Or not?



President demonstrates Communist leanings

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

The liberal's idol, Obama, sheds extraordinary light on a Socialist, Marxist, Communist-leaning Obama family. Barack Hussein Obama was heavily influenced by Frank Davis, head of the Communist Party USA, whom his father was close friends with. In his book, Obama refers to "Frank" - Barack's "mentor" in high school according to his father.

Obama was born of a black Muslim/Communist father/grandfather and white, liberal, feminist, atheist, secular, Marxist mother. Her parents belonged to a small left-wing Unitarian Church near Seattle referred to as "the little red church" because of its Communist beliefs. Look it up!

In fact, Obama's brother, Roy, and cousin, Odinga, are Marxist. His polygamist Islamic grandfather had several "wives." Obama's history is a tangled web of marriages, children, divorces, religion, cultural confusion, Marxism, Islam, Communism and secularists.

Liberal voters say this is "fascinating." Americans call it a duck. If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, eats like a duck, flies like a duck - then it's a DUCK. Not Oregon duck!

More ducks. Boston bombers and parents - former Communist Russia, Islamic, jihadist fundamentalists. Is all this just coincidence? Conservatives, chime in.



Hate groups prevail

What IRS scandal?

Why wouldn't the IRS give extra scrutiny to hate groups that are seeking tax-exempt status?

These "conservative" organizations hate the government, hate the poor, hate that we have a black president, hate the Constitution (except the Second Amendment, of course), and hate having to pay their fair share of taxes to be able to live in the greatest country on Earth. Another question is why would these tax-evading haters be given tax-exempt status in the first place?


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