Letters to the editor - 5-26-13

May 26, 2013 


Idahoans fail to show respect

Recently, I participated with a group of patriots honoring the loss of a young man and soldier, killed fighting a meaningless war the American public has conveniently forgotten. I, along with over a hundred motorcycle riders, escorted this young man and his family from Gowen Field to the funeral home.

There was a police escort and probably 50 full-sized American flags traveling through town. How many folks along the 10-mile route did I see standing with their hands over their hearts or saluting? ONE. A 70-plus- year-old man who had gotten out of his car as we went by. He could barely stand and was shaking, obviously struggling to keep his salute. That was it.

People didn't stop walking. Couldn't be troubled to put their cigarettes and phones down. Couldn't be inconvenienced enough to interrupt their conversations. I saw countless frustrated looks on drivers obviously put out at having to wait for the procession. I've never felt so disappointed in people in my life.

Rest in peace, warrior. Know your sacrifice is appreciated and will be remembered. Ride on Patriot Guard, Pipe Hitters, Combat Vets and all who spent the afternoon with honor.



Senator offers no solutions

I received a letter from Sen. Risch in which he began, "As Congress works to establish funding levels for the future, it is important to rein in federal spending."

I was hoping the senator was going to list at least a few solutions. But the only solution listed in the letter came in this comment: "I appreciate funding for federal employees is important to you and I really value your effort to get in touch with me to share your thoughts, as many Idahoans do."

He didn't even mention the bridge to nowhere in Alaska which several politicians railed against several years ago.

Trillions of American taxpayer dollars have been wasted overseas in the form of bridges to nowhere, roads to nowhere and other funding to nowhere. And yet, these myopic politicians can only see waste in this country. And, of course, federal employees are a popular target for myopic politicians who don't have any real solutions.


Need new voice

Sen. Jim Risch, the 16th wealthiest person serving in the U.S. Congress, has disclosed that he loves his job in an arena where he does nothing and nothing gets done.

He basically admitted that what he really likes is living the high life in Washington, D.C., at taxpayers' expense, feeling secure that voters will blindly re-elect him.

If Sen. Risch wants to live in Washington, D.C., that's OK, but let's replace him in Congress with someone who will act to address the many issues facing our country and world today. Here's just one of many, many issues, and probably the most important one, Risch could wrap his arms around: The CO2 level in the atmosphere has now crossed the 400 ppm threshold, meaning a hotter and hotter climate is upon us, unless drastic measures are taken.

Risch could promote the newly invented Solar Trap, but I'm guessing his thinking is that as it gets hotter, he can just crank up his A/C. With all his money, he won't suffer much in the heat, and will probably die before Earth becomes uninhabitable. Climate deniers who vote for Risch will experience hell on Earth along with the rest of us.



Listen to sheriffs

Twenty-six sheriffs sent a letter to Congress on May 9, expressing their "deep concerns regarding immigration bill S. 744" as it "will profoundly impact the security of the country, our nation's communities, and the people we as law enforcement officers are sworn to protect."

This immigration bill provides no real plan for securing America's borders and ignores laws that are already on the books for border security. Border security should be a first priority. Border security is part of America's Constitution.

By not minding the store, the borders in this case, millions illegally flood into America and they do not leave. Due to an unenforced tracking system, how will local law enforcement know if these illegals are national security threats? Criminals? Harmful to Americans?

Sen. Crapo and Sen. Risch, please listen to the sheriffs.


Protect ourselves; close the borders

You may think I'm over-reacting, but the arrest of an alleged active terrorist "right here in River City" has unnerved me.

I would like to suggest something I've been thinking about for some time: Close the borders. No more immigrants. No more Muslims, no more Mexicans. We have to protect ourselves.

When this country was new we had a huge territory to fill and we needed more population, so we welcomed immigrants. We called it the melting pot. Well, now the melting pot is boiling over. Other countries are sending us refugees from political turmoil, and Mexico is using us as a dumping ground for population runoff. Well, we have our own problems.

Whatever benefits immigration gave us in the past, that was then, this is now. We need to give up the grand notion of helping the rest of the world. We need to help ourselves. Please, close the borders.


Trim labor costs

The solution to the illegal immigration problem is to use more technology to reduce labor in agriculture.

If amnesty is granted to 11 million illegals, they will be free to leave agriculture and go into other endeavors. I don't blame them. When I was 15, I and a few friends decided to make some money thinning sugar beets. After one row we quit with aching backs.

After amnesty, agriculture will need a new batch of illegals to continue providing us with inexpensive food. The cycle continues.

Amnesty will also increase the numbers competing for jobs in the trades.


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