Memorial Day campers may face cold, wet weather in the mountains

May 24, 2013 


Those planning on camping in the mountains over the Memorial Day weekend would be wise to plan for shifting weather conditions, according to the National Weather Service.

NWS meteorologist Dave Groenert said many people are not aware that higher elevations can lead to colder temperatures than what travelers will be leaving behind in the Treasure Valley.

“Bring warmer clothes and sleeping bags, it will be chilly,” he said.

Groenert also advised campers to be prepared for changing conditions. Sunday in the mountains will be wet, with a chance of thunderstorms.

Near McCall, a popular destination for many Boiseans, Sunday will bring an 80 percent chance of rain, with possible thunderstorms in the afternoon. The wet weather will continue throughout the holiday, up until Tuesday night.

Temperatures for Sunday and Memorial Day will range from the high 30s to the 50s.

That shouldn’t be a problem, Groenert said, as long as it does not catch campers by surprise.

“Keep an eye to the sky, and be prepared for changing conditions,” he said. Despite the dry spring, officials are not too worried about recreational campers setting off a rash of blazes in the woods.

“There’s not really a lot of concern for fire danger right now,” said Ed Delgado, a predictive meteorologist with the National Interagency Fire Center.

Cool temperatures have stunted the production of local grass and foliage, Delgado said. As a result, there is less fuel available for spreading fires.

The weekend rainstorms will also help in keeping fire danger down.

Still, he urged campers to be vigilant practicing fire safety and making sure that campfires are completely extinguished.

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