Letters to the editor-05-24-2013

May 24, 2013 


Pulling weeds would create nicer appearance

I love the proposed art work for City Hall and the airport, but as long as city beautification is on the front burner, why not do something about the weeds and gravel along the interstate from one end of town to the other, the only introduction that thousands of visitors to Boise ever get as they pass through our city? I just drove through Phoenix and couldn't help feeling envious of their xeroscape art gracing the on- and off-ramps, overpasses and sound barrier fences. As I recall, Mayor Coles pulled the plug on landscaping the Flying Wye because of the expense and the amount of water that it would require.

Maybe there is something planned. If so, run a story and let us take a look.


Disagreeing with Tim

Kudos to Tim Woodward for delving into Boise's other works of public art. But shame on him for continuing to degrade the stunning artwork on the Grove Hotel building on Front and Capitol. His snarky remark, "I thought everybody hated the steaming crack, but even it has its admirers," left me steaming mad (pun intended).

This mixed media concept that "comes alive" with steam is one of my favorite pieces of art. I used to look forward to driving by that corner, hoping to see the steam to come out of it. I hope they get it working again soon.

DON MAY, Boise


Loud pipes not appreciated

Like every year, the warm season is here, and again the people of Treasure Valley have to put up with the loud pipes coming out from the vehicles belonging to the inconsiderate and disrespectful law breakers - especially that group that rides motorcycles.

The state law is specific concerning loud pipes. No vehicle exhaust pipes are allowed to be modified from factory, in any way, eliminating the muffler. Unfortunately, it seems to me the officers that supposedly have to enforce this law turn their ears the other way, with the aggravation that the motorcycle dealers are promoting, selling and installing these modifications against the law. Noise is also pollution, it's a matter of public health!



President ignores laws

Our freedoms are based on the rule of law, proscribed by the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and Congress. When the government purposely fails to enforce laws and thereby protect our freedoms, the republic is the lesser for it, indeed endangered by it.

President Obama has purposely failed to enforce immigration laws and the Defense of Marriage Act, is now ignoring the Supreme Court's ruling regarding his nonrecess recess appointment of the NLRB members.

Whether you agree with or disagree with the above laws, or indeed any law, you have an obligation to follow the laws of our land, or change them. To do otherwise is to destroy the essence of our democracy. President Obama's failure to uphold laws, and Congress' failure to hold Obama to his oath of office, should profoundly concern voters of every political persuasion.

MARK YOUNG, Meridian


We're paying for mistakes

This country is reaping what it has sown for many years. We have overgrazed our rangelands, overcut our forests, turned our streams into eroded ditches, and overbuilt roads until hillsides are dried out and wildlife habitat fragmented.

We have maintained dams in many places that no longer make economic sense and have turned into biological nightmares. A billion-dollar fishery on the Salmon River System is denied due to four of these dams on the Lower Snake River.

Our watersheds suffer from a lack of beaver ponds and meandering streams running on the surface.

I would like to challenge our young folks to get their heads out of their computers and smartphones and get involved. A good start would be to take our government back from corporate America and the wealthy 1 percent. How about voting in a totally new Congress with term limits and the same benefits as all of our other government agencies.

How about making lobbying against the law and limiting bills in Congress to one subject and to four pages.

Let us get our heads out of the sand and get started. Which of you young folks will take the lead?



Doctor's spirit lives

This editorial is in honor of Dr. Stephen Thornburgh, a physician who blessed so many lives in the Treasure Valley and beyond. Dr. Thornburgh was not only a remarkable healer, he was a brilliant philosopher and teacher who unselfishly shared his wisdom and healing energy with his patients and colleagues. Dr. Thornburgh's spirit lives on in the minds and hearts of all the people who were touched by his grace. Thank you, Dr. Thornburgh, for sharing your amazing spirit with us. We miss you.



Keep cartoonist

I vote to keep Mike Luckovich's editorial cartoons. If folks are so offended by them, then why don't they get involved with their particular political party to ensure that he doesn't have as much material to work with. Killing the messenger is never the best solution to such a problem.


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