Idaho offers free labor-law posters

Idaho businesses are again being solicited by companies to buy posters the state offers at no charge.


There have been no recent changes to existing labor-law posters, and any businesses needing the posters can download them free from the Idaho Department of Labor website.

"Employers are doing everything they can to bolster Idaho's recovering economy, and the last thing they need is some unscrupulous person trying to dupe them into paying for posters that are free," Labor Director Roger B. Madsen says. "The people of Idaho already pay for these posters through their taxes."

Employers are encouraged to place the legally mandated posters on safety, wages and discrimination in the workplace where they can easily be seen by employees.

A complete package of all the posters Idaho businesses are required to display can be found at

Packets are available in English and Spanish, and contain the following posters:

• U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Law

• Idaho Minimum Wage Law

• Job Health and Safety Law (OSHA)

• Employee Polygraph Protection Act

• Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993

• Idaho Unemployment Insurance Benefits

• Federal Minimum Wage

• Idaho Anti-Discrimination

• Military Family Leave

Find other federal employment posters for specific employment situations at

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