BOOK REVIEW: Enjoyable novel features mystery, time travel

pbrewer@idahostatesman.comMay 19, 2013 


    by Lynn Kurland; Jove ($7.99)

Samantha is finally away from her overbearing parents and at age 26 is about to do something she has always wanted to do - travel to England to have some fun.

Samantha is watching a house for the summer, and in exchange for tourist tips, the owner asks her to run an errand for her in London. This little jaunt, however, lands Samantha in trouble on several levels, as she seems to be followed by more than one person.

Derrick Cameron is the owner of Cameron Antiquities Ltd., and lately most of his work has been in the recovery of stolen goods, which is the reason he is hot on the heels of Samantha. He believes she is in the possession of valuable stolen property.

When Samantha realizes something is not right with the package she is carrying and that it may be the reason that several people are following her, she runs and accidentally finds herself in very old England, 400 years in the past. Derrick follows her and gets injured in the process. When she helps him recover, they find that they are on the same side.

Things get very interesting when they believe they have solved one mystery only to have another come along with more danger, intrigue and time travel.

My rating: This is a nice-paced read with a little action, danger and an intriguing story. It's a very enjoyable book for those who like their romances on the lighter side with a bit of a mystery to solve.

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