Letters to the Editor: Elections, 05-19-2013

May 19, 2013 


Board incumbents deserve support

It is legally possible for the Greater Boise Auditorium District Board to use funds the district generates in a variety of ways including a sports venue. I am supporting the current board members running for re-election: Astorquia, Perez and Oliver because they have pledged to use the funds to maintain and grow the convention facilities. They will continue to operate the facilities in a fiscally sound manner bringing visitors to Boise, exposing the Valley to companies looking to relocate, and providing quality meeting space for locals.

A hotel-room tax brings in dollars for the convention facilities and taxes for Boise and Idaho. Board members should be concerned about keeping those rooms filled.

Using the district funds to build a baseball stadium for a few summertime games and practice will not promote Boise or bring outside visitor tax dollars. This type of expenditure seems to be the design of the Hy Kloc candidates' Tway, Berch and Walker, two of whom apparently hadn't even attended a board meeting. The board is to be non-partisan but these candidates look like they were handpicked by the Ada County Democrat Central Committee for some hidden purpose? Please consider voting for the incumbents.


For Oliver, Perez

Peter Oliver and Rob Perez are running for reelection to the Greater Boise Auditorium District board of directors.

I've known both of these gentlemen for over 35 years. They are extremely successful businessmen who understand finance and budgets. Neither of them has any political agenda, but what they do have is a love for our community and an intense interest in seeing that the GBAD financial resources are used as originally intended. They will carefully analyze situations as they arise until the best possible use of GBAD's assets is determined.

Both Oliver and Perez have the highest possible levels of ethics, scruples, integrity, morals and honor. They are not political hacks but are solid respected citizens who have proven track records in business and finance and are willing to take valuable time away from their businesses in order to help better our community. We could not possibly find two more qualified, dedicated and competent people for these two seats. We are fortunate that Oliver and Perez are willing to take on this task, and they deserve our vote.


Vote for Jim Walker

Please join me in supporting and voting for Jim Walker for a position on the Greater Boise Auditorium District. Jim was born and raised in Boise, and his entire family resides here. His passion for this city is transparent and he no doubt will do an incredible job!

From his college days playing football for BSU on the blue turf to his current position as a captain on the Boise Fire Department wearing a blue uniform, I am confident he will work hard on behalf of the community, the local economy, and the future of the city. Jim is the only candidate who is endorsed by Mayor Bieter, and several current City Council members. He has a degree in finance and has held various positions in the banking industry. The ideas and work ethic Jim will bring to the GBAD board will be refreshing and rewarding. To sum it up, I do not know anyone who loves Boise more than Jim does.

Please vote for Jim Walker on May 21. Boise can only get better with Jim around.

Thank you.


A vote for May

After seeing all the yard signs supporting John May for the Greater Boise Auditorium District Board in the May 21 election, it is obvious he has a great deal of support. I decided to find out why.

Turns out because of Mr. May's hospitality and tourism experience, he has the support of most of the organizations in the Treasure Valley who have any interaction at all with GBAD. In fact, this is the first and only time one influential group thought it was necessary to endorse a candidate for GBAD, and it was John May.

I also find out John May has attended more GBAD meetings on his own than even some of the newer incumbents. Believe it or not, there are several GBAD candidates running this year who have never attended even one GBAD meeting.

After doing some research, it is clear to me that I'll be joining the many who are supporting John May for GBAD on May 21.


Incumbents are sensible choices

The Auditorium District board elections are Tuesday. I am supporting three incumbents, Stephanie Astorquia, Rob Perez and Peter Oliver. They have proven that they know what being a board member means. Their policies that have resulted in fiscal soundness, quality operating practices and satisfied customers.

Why should I vote for the three candidates endorsed by Hy Kloc, the chairman of the district board, when he has not even attended a meeting except by phone since the first of the year? In fact, two of his candidates haven't attended a board meeting. Wouldn't you think if someone runs for a board position they would attend a meeting to see what the job is?

Lastly, I don't want the district's financial reserves used to build a baseball stadium, which won't fill hotel rooms and expand the convention center. Ask candidates George Tway, Jim Walker and Steve Berch if that isn't their ploy. They will probably try to spend some of the district's reserves on a trolley next.

I support Stephanie Astorquia, Rob Perez and Peter Oliver and ask you to take a good look at their track record. They stand for bringing good jobs to Boise and having quality convention facilities. Vote Tuesday.



Vote 'yes' on bond

I support the proposed Vallivue bond. I've witnessed the extreme overcrowding that currently exists at Vallivue High School. The halls are packed with kids during passing period and lunch. As our communities continue to grow the population of the high school is expected to increase to almost 2,400 by 2016 in a school built to house 1,800.

Vallivue School District covers almost 144 square miles. Much of the growth in the district is on the east side, yet all of the families east of I-84 have to be bussed or driven daily all the way to the high school. The savings in gas, travel time and the increased safety for our children would justify the building of a second high school in that area.

Opportunities for students to participate in activities are greatly reduced when nearly 2,000 students attend a single high school. There is only so much room in a band, or a choir or on a sports team. The creation of a second high school would double that opportunity for students.

I believe it is important that we look to the future for families. I am voting 'yes' on the Vallivue bond on May 21.


Support schools

The coming Vallivue bond is getting my vote on May 21 and it should get yours, too. There's simply no other reasonable way to handle the extreme overcrowding that currently exists at Vallivue High School. If nothing else, the safety risk for the kids alone, given the almost 2,000 students packed into a school built 20 years ago with an occupancy of 1,800, makes it almost a moral issue to do whatever is necessary. And the problem is only going to get worse. As our communities continue to grow the population of the high school is expected to grow to almost 2,400 by 2016!

Of course part of the problem is the fact that the Vallivue School District covers almost 144 square miles. Much of the growth in the district is occurring on the east side yet all of the families east of I-84 have to be bussed or driven daily all the way to the old high school. The savings in gas and the increased safety for our children easily justify the building of the new high school. I am voting 'yes' on the Vallivue Bond election on Tuesday - so should you.


Build a second high school

Our two children attend Vallivue schools. We couldn't be happier with the quality of the education and the efficient and transparent way in which the district is run. Our fear is that the excellence that we have enjoyed in the district is threatened.

Vallivue High School is overcrowded. It is simple and undeniable. That crowding is only going to get worse as the district continues to grow. If current conservative estimates are correct, when our 6th-grader reaches high school she will find a facility that was originally built for 1,500 students filled with 2,300 students. This overcrowding brings with it safety concerns, will undoubtedly impact the quality of instruction, and will diminish the opportunities for our daughter as she competes for a place in every club, activity and sport that she might wish to participate in.

Building a second high school now is the answer. We should take advantage of the current low cost of building and historically low interest rates to anticipate future growth and to make certain our current students are provided the quality education they deserve. Please join us in voting 'yes' for the Vallivue bond on Tuesday.


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