Letters to the editor: GBAD elections

May 17, 2013 

Support the incumbents

The Greater Boise Auditorium District is a fairly obscure agency but it has a huge impact on our local economy. GBAD operates the Boise Centre on the Grove and brings in millions of dollars a year for our economy, supporting hundreds of jobs and businesses. It's essential that competent, experienced people continue to lead it.

I've been volunteering to help re-elect Stephanie Astorquia, Rob Perez and Peter Oliver. Collectively, they have extensive experience in administration, accounting, land development, governmental relations, public process, entrepreneurship and economic development. It would be hard to find a group of people better suited to lead an agency looking to expand our Downtown convention center.

Personally, I think a Downtown baseball facility and expanded convention center are both possible and each could do much to help the region.

Astorquia, Perez and Oliver have the experience and level-headedness necessary to expand the convention center and work with other agencies and businesses to bring community goals to fruition.

Please take the time to vote in person at the Ada County Elections office on Benjamin Lane through Friday, May 17. You can also show your support by joining the Facebook group at tinyurl.com/gbadelect and learn more at votethedistrict.com.


Vote for May, a new voice

I agree with Jerry Grimes May 5 letter in which he concludes the current Auditorium District (GBAD) board has the same "do nothing" disease as Washington, D.C.

Most campaign literature distributed by any incumbent usually includes past accomplishments while in office. Take a look at the current GBAD incumbent literature and not one accomplishment is listed.

Unfortunately, for good reason, unless you count suing each other an accomplishment. In fact, it could be successfully argued that one incumbent, Stephanie Astorquia, has actually set GBAD back a decade or two with her scowlish approach.

If you want the GBAD Board to do yet more studies, then return Ms. Astorquia to office. If you want action to benefit Boise and the Treasure Valley, then elect someone like John May. May is the only GBAD candidate ever endorsed by the Treasure Valley Lodging Association, because he is the candidate with the background necessary to finally get something done.


Walker offers positive agenda

The election for the board of the Greater Boise Auditorium District is important, but often overlooked. Because voters don't pay attention the board has been staffed with people who are inclined to take no action.

It's time to vote in people who will put the district resources to work for our city. Jim Walker is that sort of guy and will work diligently to bring projects to Boise which will spur our economy.

Please join me in voting for Jim on May 21.


May's experience a plus

I am writing in support of John May in the upcoming Auditorium District (GBAD) election on May 21. John enjoys the support of nearly every travel and tourism entity in the Treasure Valley. That is important, as GBAD funding comes largely from the bed tax visitors pay.

In fact, John May is the first and only GBAD candidate the Treasure Valley Lodging Association has ever endorsed.

John is a Boise native, lifetime hotelier, former CCDC board member, former member of the Idaho Travel Council (appointed by the governor), as well as having served on numerous other boards and committees in the valley. No other candidate brings that type of experience to the GBAD table.

John May's experience and background is exactly what the GBAD board needs to move forward.

Please join the many organizations and individuals who support John May for the GBAD board, and who understand the importance of economic vitality to the Treasure Valley.

RENE ADAMS, Middleton

Support Steve Berch

On May 21, elections will be held to fill three seats of a five-member board of directors for the Greater Boise Auditorium District (GBAD).

GBAD is "dedicated to promoting the economic vitality of our communities by attracting and hosting events in local convention and exhibition facilities." The board of directors work together to best utilize the revenue created by the hotel tax generated within the district to attract more visitors and bring in more revenue for local businesses. There are two six-year terms and one two-year term positions up for election.

Steve Berch is running for one of the six-year terms. He has a long history of business experience that includes strategic planning and consulting. He has been a community leader working with citizen and neighborhood groups and has served on various development and economic growth committees.

Steve will work together with other board directors to best serve the Greater Boise area and its stakeholders. Please vote for Steve Berch on May 21. You can find out more at www.berch4gbad.org

GBAD is bigger than Boise, but does not include all of Ada County. You can call 208-287-6860 to see if you are in this district.


May is the best choice

As one of the long time owners of the Owyhee Hotel (before its recent sale), I can tell you that John May's tireless and skilled work was invaluable and never in question. Jim Thresher, who chose to besmirch John in his May 14 Letter to the editor only reveals his own ignorance and mean spirit.

John's life career in the hospitality industry will serve our community well as a GBAD board member.


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