Boise man calls burglary charge a mistake

May 16, 2013 

— A Boise man accused of attempted burglary last year tells a very different version of events.

Shaun Knapp was arrested in November after Boise homeowners called police to report a man banging on their door and trying to get inside. But Knapp said it was an honest mistake: he had recently moved to the neighborhood and mistook the home for his own after a night on the town, he said. Knapp said he went out the night before his wedding to celebrate with friends. He had moved to a house on 19th and Sherman with his fiancee a day earlier, he said. After he got separated from his group of friends on the walk home, he ended up a street over from his new home and went to the wrong house, he said. The residents called police after Knapp began banging on the door and attempting to get inside. He was still trying to enter the home when police arrived, according to Boise Police Department documents. Police found Knapp to be carrying two knives, and arrested him for felony attempted burglary and carrying a concealed weapon. Knapp contends that he was carrying a pocketknife, but had no intention of harming anyone with it. “I was not wielding a knife, I was not burglarizing anybody,” he said. ”I was drunk and I went to the wrong house.” A man whose bar tab Knapp had paid earlier in the night had given him a lanyard knife, which he was wearing around his neck when arrested, he said. The concealed weapons charge was later reduced to resisting or obstructing an officer, and the burglary charge was reduced to misdemeanor unlawful entry.

Knapp said the judge reviewed the 911 transcript, where the homeowner is heard telling a dispatcher that a man was banging on the front door, calling out “Faith, Faith!”

Faith is the name of Knapp’s fiancee, he said.

He was sentenced to 90 days in jail with 70 suspended and 17 credited for unlawful entry. For resisting officers, he received 180 days in jail with the full sentence suspended. Knapp was also ordered to pay a combined $555 in fines and fees.

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