Letters to the editor-05-16-2013

May 16, 2013 


Support the incumbents

I write in support of Stephanie Astorquia, Peter Oliver and Rob Perez for their re-election to the board of the Greater Boise Auditorium District.

In the past the GBAD board struggled for a coherent strategy. Today, with the participation of these three business leaders, the board is functional and carefully considering how it might work together with other Boise institutions to bring additional prosperity to the auditorium district.


Sitting board members are the best choices

My letter is a follow-up to the Statesman's excellent article on the Greater Boise Auditorium District and the mayor's possible intent to control the board and the funds in the auditorium district.

The GBAD board had been ineffective for a number of years. A year ago some changes were made and new members were appointed, joining the two remaining strong members.

Three of these members, Rob Perez, Stephanie Astorquia and Peter Oliver were instrumental in bringing fiscal responsibility and a collaborative process to the board. They are dedicated to managing resources, making good decisions, and approving projects that will benefit the entire district that they represent. We must make sure the GBAD board is managing funds to help our entire economy and not only single interest groups. These funds come from a hotel room tax and are intended to promote more outside interest in our community and bolster our local economy.

I urge everyone in the district to vote on May 21 for these current board members, Rob Perez, Stephanie Astorquia and Peter Oliver, who have brought back nonpartisan management and fiscal responsibility.



Put smokers, health care opponents on list

Soon to be new felons: legal Americans that decide not to purchase health insurance and respect America's Second Amendment! Targeted new felons: smokers will pay more for insurance! Exploited and betrayed new felons: retired and active military personnel that smoke! Overlooked felons: federal agents involved with "Fast and Furious" gun-running to Mexican drug gangs.

Current felons, soon to be new Americans: 11 million illegal residents - felons that have broken federal immigration laws and falsify state/federal documents!

Double-duping felons and soon-to-be new Americans: approximately two million current illegal residents filing Individual Taxpayer Identification Number tax forms and using "Additional children tax credit." Claiming up to 20 children - a single tax return can be $29,000. That practice results in $4.2 billion in tax fraud yearly and has been going on for years!

Most illegals are hard-working family-oriented, but two million bad apples can affect the entire group!

Federal governments priority: no revenue for Benghazi security, processing veterans disability claims or White House tours, while overlooking a $4.2 billion a year scam! $4.2 would be a great "return on investment" for border security. Return on investment, that's something the federal government knows nothing about.



Who are the felons?

I need help following three stories which are actually true. One involves an alcoholic felon, one a pot-smoking MS patient with a child eating her pot, one has a loaded gun in their car and has their 3-year-old shoot their 10-month old.

So if a sane person were to evaluate these three incidents, the parents of the 3-year-old and 10-month-old should be relieved of their parental rights and be charged with felony endangerment to children.

Nope, not in Idaho. Don't know their names, might not be charged. It was a miracle no one was killed, states the Canyon County sheriff. It's a miracle you didn't arrest the parents.

Now for the pot-smoking MS mom. Her child ingested some pot and got sick, note no hole in the child's cheek. Worse case the kid throws up. But the cops find pot and drug paraphernalia so all four kids get removed from the home.

Now for the felon in the group who stole a box of wine and drank it in the bathroom, really felony burglary. I know I feel safer knowing she's behind bars. Our tax dollars keeping us safe. Incredible.



Nobody wants to save

Spending does not beget wealth; yet 60 percent of American workers say the total value of their household savings and investments (not counting their home) is less than $25,000. That is 64 percent of Americans couldn't rely on their savings account to pay for a $1,000 emergency.

A recent study found 62 percent of households experienced at least one financial shock in the last year; and 51 percent lacked any emergency savings. Maybe that is why many Americans look to the government for financial aid.

Nobody out there really wants us to save - the government wants us to spend, our kids want us to spend and our inner self wants us to spend.

Many kids don't believe their parents when they say they can't afford something. They simply tell their parents to use their credit card. Our approach to becoming financially solvent, is to spend money we don't have and to buy things we don't need. If our government and government leaders don't set the example and lead the way, few will be motivated to put their financial houses in order. We must avoid at our own peril this mindset: "People have given up trying to live within their budget; they are trying to live within their credit."



Even the brightest can make a mistake

When Einstein derived his equation for the universe, he could not accept what it showed so he manipulated the equation to make the answer agree with the current idea of an infinite, "material" universe.

However, he changed his mind when Edwin Hubble showed him at the Wilson Observatory, the universe was expanding and had come from just one point in space.

Other scientists also confirmed what we now call the Big Bang origin (beginning) of the universe. Even the atheist Stephen Hawking solved Einstein's corrected equation and showed indeed all space went to zero volume (zero volume = zero material) so the "material" universe could not be! But Dr. Hawking could not accept this scientific fact. Yet something caused the universe; it had a beginning! What or who was the cause? Scientists must go where the evidence leads, and not be dogmatic.

Einstein admitted this was the biggest mistake of his career.



Right side of history

What on earth is the Latah GOP thinking? It is un-American to censure someone for a vote that was made in good conscience for the benefit of the people. Moscow City Council member Walter Steed is on the right side of history by voting to grant legal job protections to lesbian, gay and transgender individuals.

Thank you to the six members of the Latah GOP who voted against censuring Steed. When your grandchildren grow up and ask whether you stood up for love and equality or if you stood for hate and discrimination, you can hold your heads up high!



Don't knock tastes

To Michael Deeds' "Can't smile without you, Boise"on May 5.

I, for one, am glad Bob Dylan recognized talent when he heard it in Barry Manilow. I'm not so glad you were never taught to respect the musical tastes of others.



Big Band era lives again

The Morrison Center had a most enjoyable program recently. The Boise Philharmonic Orchestra played songs of the Big Band era. They were led by a colorful guest conductor, Carl Topilow of Cleveland. He was a hoot.

He first came out in a bright red jacket and a red clarinet. After intermission he had on a blue jacket accompanied by a blue clarinet. He also brought with him a fabulous drummer. Gene Krupa had nothing on him.

At one point the conductor asked us to name the songs and the band leader. He said we might have to be 80-plus to name them. We did.

Only one thing marred my whole evening. Someone must have dumped a bottle of perfume on themselves. My eyes were burning and my nose was fighting valiantly to keep me from choking to death. The only reason I could think of that someone might do this is they thought the perfume would cover up their cigarette, liquor or garlic breath. Or they decided to use the perfume instead of taking a shower. People with allergies must have left the building. What's a person to do?


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