Letters to the editor-05-14-2013

May 14, 2013 


Company should push for solar installations

Idaho Power could lead the nation in sustainable energy. Our climate in southern Idaho is extremely favorable for solar and wind electrical generation. Yet Idaho Power is trying to pull the plug on renewable energy.

In a proposal before the PUC, Idaho Power looks only at so called "costs" of solar energy without addressing the benefits such installations provide to our community. Such benefits include private funding of solar generation equipment which produces clean, sustainable power at the time it is most needed in our area - summer daytime hours.

Solar installations on residences and businesses not only produce electricity for those buildings, reducing demand for coal or hydro, they also significantly reduce pressure on distribution infrastructure; the power is used where it is generated or, if there is a surplus, shared with immediate neighbors.

I urge Idaho Power to rethink its proposal to increase fixed rates for small producers of solar energy. The price of fossil fuels will inevitably go up, stream flows are going down, but the sun keeps shining and the wind keeps blowing. I hope that Idaho Power will have the vision and leadership to encourage clean sustainable energy. Our future depends on it.



I saw some signs around town wanting your vote for John May for a seat on GBAD. Really, Didn't he manage the over 100-year-old Owyhee Plaza Hotel right out of existence. Now he wants to be part of managing the auditorium board. Seriously? He is not the person you want on that board.



Breathers clubs provide a lifeline

COPD kills 120,000 Americans each year. Over 12 million people are diagnosed with COPD nationally each year. Another 12 million may have the disease and not realize it.

The most common cause of COPD is smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke. COPD symptoms may include shortness of breath, wheezing and fatigue. These symptoms may worsen over time impacting every day activities and limiting the ability to take care of one's self. COPD may lead to serious, long-term disability.

COPD is not reversible, but treatment plans and medications are available to help provide relief from symptoms. The American Lung Association recommends COPD patients and family join a Better Breathers Club to help manage and understand COPD. Better Breathers Clubs offer educational topics and the support of others who share in their struggles.

Meetings are held in Boise the second Thursday of each month at Collister Library, 4724 W. State St. at 7 p.m. and in Meridian the first Wednesday of each month at Complex Care, 2131 S. Bonita Way at 11 a.m.

Additional information and resources are available at www.lungidaho.org or contact the local chapter of the American Lung Association at 345-5864.

THERESA L. D'AMBROSIO, Better Breathers Club facilitator, Boise


Oh say, can they sing?

The national press recently reported that 17,500 Boston Bruins hockey fans saluted the slain and wounded at the Boston Marathon by singing the national anthem.

How many of those fans actually knew the words to the anthem or much less stood, ceased conversation, removed their hats and covered their hearts with their hands was not reported. Once such courtesies were commonplace, but alas, those days seem to have passed unnoticed by all except those of us "old school" diehards.

One might judge this observation unfair except for the fact that this particular diehard during more than three decades of teaching at an Idaho institution of higher education witnessed such omissions regularly at various university events not only among most of the students, but among most of the faculty as well.

At a certain point during the above mentioned tenure, it became an act of near bravery to follow traditions such as singing Francis Scott Key's memorable lyrics once taught traditionally in elementary schools across the land. And so predictably, aided by many of our educators, we proceed in our cultural slouch toward Gomorrah continually drawing faint lines of resistance in ever eroding sand.


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