Letters to the editor: 05-13-2013

May 13, 2013 


Senators side with NRA

Senators Ri$ch and Crapo listened to Wayne and the NRA and saved us from firearms background checks.

Thanks, guys! Forget those polls showing 90 percent approval for checks. Why should government know who is buying a weapon? Now everyone can get their hands on a gun, and that means a safer America and we can move on to the real issue: arming every single American from birth to death. Every newborn child should receive a government-issued weapon (per parental choice) complete with an engraved Social Security number. Hold it, know it, it's your lifelong buddy.

Train kids at school where well-armed teachers greet them every day. American guns for American kids, and that leads to American jobs producing more sophisticated weapons and ammo, which can be distributed around the world so all mankind can be armed and safe, just like us.

The beloved NRA will become the World Rifle Association, selling the "good guy with a gun" message to all of humanity. What a wonderfully armed world it will be. Thanks Jim, Mike and NRA. Where would we be without you?


Crapo, Risch skirt truth

Today, rapists and terrorists bypass legitimate gun dealers to purchase weapons at fairground gun shows and the Internet. Because of Sens. Crapo and Risch's votes against expanded background checks, they will do the same tomorrow.

Crapo and Risch said they voted against keeping guns away from criminals because it would place a burden on dealers. This is a lie. Gun dealers and owners think current loopholes are unfair. They said that the legislation would prevent transactions between family members. This is a lie.

I have read the legislation. Family transactions are exempted. They said the law would not have prevented the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook. Who knows? When have Crapo and Risch voted for legislation where the perfect was the enemy of the good?

If I am young, I must show ID to purchase cigarettes or liquor, apply for a driver's license or get a car loan.

These certifications involve background checks. Isn't it time to tell Idahoans the truth?

Crapo and Risch voted against the legislation because their character places the interests of the gun lobby and their re-election above the safety of the people they claim to represent. Senators, at least find the courage to tell the truth.


Editorial was biased

I am a 40-plus-year subscriber to the Idaho Statesman, and I have to express my disappointment with two recent occurrences.

First, the contorted, extremely biased editorial regarding the recent vote on background checks extended to gun shows and private sales. The editorial demonstrated journalistic negligence with half truths to serve a certain end, tainted innuendos to smear and discredit and a total lack of objectivity. I am appalled.

Second, the AP article regarding a Twin Falls "woman assisting in the rape of a child." That article has elicited disgust and disbelief at its appearance in the paper from those who have read it that I have talked to. The article was something I would expect in the Enquirer - not of the quality to warrant coverage by this newspaper.

If anyone wanted or needed that kind of information, they can get one of the titillating, sensational rags at the grocery store checkout counter. I hope these examples are not indicative of what we can expect more of with the new editor. It will be cause for nonrenewal of my subscription if so.


Is knife control next?

It's happened again! A nut with a knife has attacked several people. I knew it would happen! I've proposed knife control for years. They are everywhere, kitchens, restaurants, stores, it's crazy! We have to limit their availability!

Of course I'm kidding. I just wonder when you liberals who want us to give up our guns will wise up and realize, these people will find a way to harm you! I am so tired of hearing your complaining when a gun is used in a crime, but nothing when another weapon is used. By the way, bombs have been illegal for years! What happened in Boston? Use your common sense!



Writer hits the mark

Let me chime in on some of the letters to this paper about Dano Savino.

Having lived for nearly 50 years in the state of Arizona, we don't care much for illegals, big government and bigger unions. I've voted for Democrats in my life but can see now they are not representing us senior Americans.

Mr. Savino's reference to Marxist-Muslim liberals is right on the money. Muslims have killed millions of innocent women and children. Islam and Karl Marx are not the answers. God is.

Democrats have tried to remove our personal protection (and I don't personally have a gun) using the same old arguments that guns kill people.

Today the news said four people were killed with knives, another with a hacksaw, and the Boston Bombers used pressure cookers.

Foolish Democratic scare tactics about guns killing people ignore facts. In closing, Mr. Savino in stating "God is in charge" was accurate.

America was founded and organized by various religions, religious beliefs with people like Thomas Jefferson who warned us about big government. A government big enough to give you everything you need is big enough to take it all away, too.


Blame the editor

Dano Savino does not have his oars in the water. It seems to me the person who decided to print his letter to the editor must be in the same boat.



Wrong about the church

Cecilia B. Langland's letter on April 29 suggests that she knows facts about the Catholic Church, and her "facts" remind me of something said by 19th century American humorist Josh Billings: "T'aint the knowing that adds so much to the colossal sum of human ignorance as the knowing so much that ain't so."

I suggest the writer get a copy of the "Catechism of the Catholic Church" if she wants to know the truth of what the Catholic Church teaches. It is there for her to read and compare with what she believes. She can also read "The History of the Catholic Church" by James Hitchcock for the good, bad and ugly parts that we don't deny.

All of us benefit from discussions based on seeking the truth of issues and recognizing when our opinions have few actual facts to support them. If Ms. Langland is interested in truth, she'll try to inform her opinions.


Refrain from publishing

Shame on you for publishing Ms. Langland's letter titled "Catholics a secular religion." The Statesman's editors should refrain from publishing letters that are false and bigoted. You owe your readers and the people of Idaho an apology.


Catholics live faith

Cecilia B. Langland's confusion about the tenets of the Catholic religion could be easily resolved with a simple Internet search of the Nicene Creed (325 A.D.) or the Apostle's Creed (542 A.D.). We are called not only to prayer and worship but also to live our faith through deeds. These "secular" acts must include work with the sick (hospitals), poor (education, charity), protection of innocents from the beginning of life to its natural conclusion. All of these activities require participation in the public forum of ideas.


Bigotry blackens heart

This is in response to Cecilia B. Langland's letter of April 29 regarding the Catholic religion. I couldn't sleep last night, her remarks disturbed me so. My answer to her is this. Jesus instructed us to love our neighbor. He didn't specify only certain religions, nor did he exclude anyone. He told us to love everyone. When bigotry blackens a person's heart, love cannot exist. Please, Ms. Langland, free yourself of your hatred and open your heart to love.



Animals abused for entertainment

As another year passes, the circus will once again roll into town to entertain the masses.

I urge everyone to do some research on how elephants are trained for our entertainment. They endure very cruel and horrific beatings, being tied down and poked with a tool called a bull hook (a weapon, really). A bull hook is a 2- to 3-foot-long club or stick with a sharp metal hook attached to the top. It is used repeatedly to beat, hit and poke them in order to "break" them to ensure they perform as required.

Bull hooks are used on very sensitive places on elephants, such as behind the ears, on the trunk and on the head. Once animals are hit and struck repeatedly throughout their lives, just showing them the bull hook will instill fear.

If you do decide to go to the circus (which I sincerely hope you do not), there will be someone walking with a bull hook alongside the elephants. This is the person who will strike the elephant, or "bull hook" them if they do not perform. All of this for our "entertainment." Please consider another form of entertainment until circuses stop using elephants as entertainment.



Stand as an advocate, not as one to be judged

Have decided I'm more progressive than I thought; now I believe in April Fools' Day, Earth Day and global warming.

April Fools' Day aka atheists day: "The fool has said in his heart there is no God." Psalm 14:1.

Earth Day: "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." Psalm 24:1.

Global warming: "... the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up." 2 Peter 3:10.

God has said he wouldn't strive with humans forever. He did make a way of escape: Jesus is the way.

Admit you are a sinner: "All have sinned ...." Romans 3:23.

"Believe Jesus is God the Son who paid the wages of your sin." Romans 6:23.

"Call upon God," Romans 10:9. Please pray, "Jesus, save me."

Whether death or the rapture comes first, it will be a lot better to stand before Jesus as your advocate than as your judge.

God loves you, and I'm trying.


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