The next Bachelor? Boise's Nick Symmonds?

May 11, 2013 

Nick Symmonds, an 800 meters runner, reached the Olympic semifinals in Beijing 2008 and placed fifth in London in 2012.


He's been called the Brad Pitt of track and field, and has a life bio that includes a date with Paris Hilton, a naked shoe commercial for Nike and a 5-minute mile while chugging four beers.

And now Nick Symmonds might be on the verge of doing something really crazy.

The 2002 Bishop Kelly High graduate, five-time national champion and two-time Olympian is a candidate to be the next star of ABC's "The Bachelor,'' a popular reality TV show that involves one man courting 25 women in hopes of finding one true love.

"When my publicist, Hal Lifson, contacted me to let me know that the producers of 'The Bachelor' were possibly interested in me for the upcoming season, I thought a lot about it and had some mixed feelings,'' Symmonds told Race Results Weekly. "On the one hand it would pretty much completely strip my life of any privacy I have left, but on the other it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a chance to maybe meet my future wife.''

Symmonds, 28, said he's still passionate about running and is focused this season on the Prefontaine Classic (June in Eugene), the U.S. Championships (June in Des Moines, Iowa) and the World Championships (August in Moscow).

But still ...

"People may say that I do this stuff just for publicity. To those people I say, so what if I am?'' he said. "I have always been the kind of guy who needs distractions.''

Stay tuned.

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