Boise gets 'satisfactory' grade on purchases

May 10, 2013 

The city was almost three months late notifying the Idaho Tax Commission of a contract for a construction project in 2012.

Other than that, Boise's Office of Internal Audit found no "deficiencies that were deemed to be worthy of formal communication to management," according to a report released Friday on an audit of Boise's purchasing policies last fiscal year.

That was an improvement from previous years, during which auditors found problems with documentation of purchases.

Traditionally, city policy has required purchase orders and approval from a purchasing agent or City Council for new purchases of more than $5,000. That policy has changed since the beginning of this fiscal year. Now, $10,000 is the threshold for a purchase order, and the city allows the use of P-cards - city-backed purchasing cards - for transactions up to $10,000.

P-card abuse was the reason Boise established the Office of Internal Audit in August 2003. Back then, the city was emerging from a spending and corruption scandal that took down former Mayor Brent Coles' administration.

You can view the entire report by visiting the website

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