ID badge alerts tested at Skyview High School to stem school violence

May 9, 2013 

Skyview High School is trying out an emergency alert system currently used in mental hospitals as a way to curb school violence, according to the Nampa Police Department.

The system allows school staff to wear ID badges capable of sending alerts to the office, police, and the rest of the school. The badges can send messages including “medical,” “needs assistance,” and “lockdown” along with the location when staff perceive a threat or emergency situation.

The system has already been installed at Skyview High School, and is currently being tested. The school will conduct a lockdown drill Monday using the new system.

The alert badge system costs between $20,000 and $30,000 per school, according to a Nampa Police Department press release. The funding for Skyview High School’s system came from a private donation.

Nampa School Resource Officer Brad Ford and Skyview High School Counselor Mandy Petty proposed using the system after Nampa Chief of Police Craig Kingsberry challenged police employees to think outside the box when it came to new approaches to school safety.

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