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May 9, 2013 

Lee Judge / The Kansas City Star (May 8, 2013)



Budget reductions a new way of life

To those who opposed raising the federal income tax and then whined because of flight delays due to the furloughing of federal employees, I say, "You get what you pay for."

You don't want to increase the taxes of the more affluent in our society, then stop your whining. This is just the beginning so you had better get used to this and a lot more inconveniences in your life. You can't expect that life will be the same if you don't want to "pay it forward," so to speak.

Our elected officials are responsible for the fiscal mess that our country is in today. If they thought more about what is best for our country and less about what they think will get them re-elected, they might accomplish something in Washington.



Facility provides first-rate service

In regard to the article concerning the long-term care facility, Complex Care of Idaho:

It is one of two facilities that are available in the Boise area that is not a nursing home. I had to make a hard decision to send my husband to one of them when he was recovering from lung surgery due to cancer; he had multiple complications and to make a long story short, needed long-term care.

I contacted them and they met me in the ICU at Saint Al's and guided me through the process. They were caring and skilled individuals who helped me transition, as well as my husband. There, Dr. Burns took complete care of the situation and explained what her plan was on weaning off the ventilator and recovering. My husband had occupational, speech, physical, respiratory therapists - we checked out walking within three weeks.

I recommend this wonderful facility to help you recover in whatever time you need. Clean, good home-cooked food, and skilled - for complex situations. A-plus.

RITA EVERITT, Mountain Home


Organization fails to give straight story

So Planned Parenthood claims to be a major supplier of birth control? Do they mention that their method of "birth control" is abortion? Of course not. They do not do mammograms as was claimed in our recent presidential campaign. Planned Parenthood is based on lies and money.

Does Planned Parenthood offer prenatal care for women who wish to actually carry a baby to term? A resounding "No!" One of their own representatives admitted in 2009 that out of 800 clinics, only 63 offer such a service, which is just under 8 percent.

These people also do not bother to tell these women that birth control pills do not prevent socially transmitted infections, which are numerous. The medical people will tell you that about 25 million young people annually contract an STI, many of which cannot be cured.

Once again, this despicable institution is based on lies. The sickening part of this whole fiasco is that my tax dollars and yours go to pay Planned Parenthood to murder babies in the womb by the millions.

Do we just stand back, shake our heads and moan, or do we take action?


Abortion is greater threat than guns

There were approximately 26,000 gun deaths in the USA in 2012. That works out to about 71 per day. There were approximately 1 million abortions in the U.S. in 2012. That works out to about 2,739 per day.

Why is it that we need gun control and background checks? A criminal with a gun is a piker in comparison to a Planned Parenthood clinic. These figures prove that our children are a lot safer with guns than with some doctors. The next time someone asks you if you are pro-choice, tell them yes, I choose guns and life.



Crapo, Risch misfire with Senate votes

Since 1994, Brady Act background checks have stopped 2 million wife beaters, fugitives, drug addicts, felons, illegal aliens, and mental patients who tried to buy firearms from licensed dealers. Yet, these dangerous people merely had to go to the next gun show - or straw purchaser - to buy firearms with no questions asked.

A recent newspaper poll in heavily Republican Canyon County showed 77 percent of respondents favor instituting background checks at gun shows. This compares well with the reported 90 percent nationally who believe the same thing.

Why did Sens. Crapo and Risch vote to defeat proposed laws to close these loopholes? Perhaps they don't know their constituents as well as they thought. Perhaps the bills had undesirable baggage attached. Either way, our senators helped keep it easy for bad guys to get guns.

The senators will certainly be re-elected in solidly Republican Idaho, but this way they can continue to receive generous favors from the gun lobby, which openly advocates America shooting its way out of the gun violence problem. NRA: "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun." Forget how he got the gun.


Senators fail to provide for public's safety

Did you know that according to the CDC, Americans under the age of 40 are more likely to die of gunfire than from any specific disease? At least 30,000 Americans die each year from gun violence. That is the number of people who died in the World Trade Center attack, times 10, every year. Research has shown that background checks make gun ownership significantly safer and 90 percent of Americans support this common sense precaution.

Why didn't our representatives in Washington, D.C., do the right thing? Who do they really represent? We can do better, Idaho, and we will. Our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren, as well as the future of our county, depend on it. This is not over.



Nation doesn't need more hardheads

If by chance you have a family member, say a son or daughter, who's a bit hardheaded, somewhat belligerent and obnoxious, arrogant and argumentative, has a know-it-all attitude, a tendency to exaggerate things, pouts when they don't get their way - guide them in the direction of politics. They have the makings of a politician.

These traits could take them a long way in that world. They might even end up living in a big white house on Pennsylvania Avenue, hobnobbing with the rich and elite.

I can see where this would be a dream come true for the parents and the person who accomplished this, but I can also see it being a nightmare for millions of us.

On second thought, don't guide this person in the direction of politics. We don't need a hardhead trying to work with the blockheads, knuckleheads and boneheads we already have in Washington.


Focus on what's here, not on next election

President Obama was inaugurated for a second term about 90-plus days ago, but political pundits are already talking about the 2016 election and whether Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush may vie for their parties' nominations.

Such talk is grossly premature. Our country's focus should be on President Obama's policy positions on immigration reform; the budget; the economy; and avoidance of war with either Iran or North Korea.

Additionally, why is it many Americans think only two political families, the Clintons and the Bushes, can supply presidential candidates? Our nation's gene pool is much larger than that, and who wants to hear repeats of the Clinton-era failings, of which there were many, and reminders the last Bush administration was among the worst in our history. I can't speak for anyone else, but this voter has had enough of both families.



Christian theology is not being taught

Recently a female gym teacher was fired from a Catholic high school when it was revealed that she was lesbian.

During the news coverage several students were interviewed who declared that they had no issue with her sexual orientation. The consensus was that Jesus does not discriminate against homosexuals.

What is clear is an apparent theological bankruptcy in the Christian curriculum. It is chilling to realize that such a malaise is not confined to one Christian school. It seems elder Christians are "dropping the ball" in teaching true Christian theology across many diverse venues. We cannot afford to keep fumbling in this manner.

Does Jesus discriminate? Most certainly does. He does so against sin, including that of homosexuality. He does not discriminate against the sinner, and that is also as respects the Father who loves the world, but only those who believe in his son are to have eternal life.

Even though God would like all to be saved, that cannot be the case. It is all about choice. There may be some confusion as to the nature of Jesus in that he is God, having said so himself, and others also said so when he was on Earth.


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