Boise preparing to sell or trade city-owned land

May 6, 2013 

— Before Boise can sell the more than 50 acres, the City Council must declare intent to designate the land as surplus, hold a public hearing at a later date, vote to approve the surplus designation and, finally, auction, trade or sell the land.

The council's Tuesday vote is the first step in that process. City spokesman Adam Park said Monday that the surplus designation "creates a better position of readiness" for the city.

"They always want to be ready to enter into any positive deal that comes down the road," Park said.

The property in question includes three industrial parcels - totaling about 49 acres - located west of I-84 between the Gowen Road and Isaac's Canyon interchanges, as well as one 2.4-acre commercial parcel located north of Gowen Road between S. Eisenman Road and Exchange Street.

In order to auction land, the city must offer it at auction for a minimum bid price set by one of three commercial brokers under contract with Boise. If no one meets that minimum bid, the city is allowed to sell the property directly to a buyer without an auction.

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