What's new at your Treasure Valley libraries

May 5, 2013 



"Violet Mackerel's Remarkable Recovery" by Anna Branford

Juvenile fiction. Violet Mackerel has a sore throat, and when her doctor tells her it's her tonsils and she'll have to have them removed, he also gives her a purple lozenge to help her sore throat until the surgery. It does make her feel better, and she comes up with the Theory of Giving Small Things thinking that, "If someone has a problem and you give them something small like a feather, or a pebble, or a purple lozenge, that small thing might have a strange and special way of helping them." A charming tale of friendship for early chapter-book readers.



"The Antagonist" by Lynn Coady

Adult fiction. Gordon Rankin, pushing 40, has been plagued by misfortune. When he discovers that an old friend has published a novel that borrows freely from traumatic events in his life, he is outraged and bashes out his own version of his story in a barrage of emails that range from funny to furious.



"The Demonologist" by Andrew Pyper

Adult fiction. Professor David Ullman is among the world's leading authorities on demonic literature, with special expertise in Milton's "Paradise Lost." Not that he is a believer - he sees what he teaches as a branch of the imagination and nothing more. So when the mysterious Thin Woman arrives at his office and invites him to travel to Venice to witness a "phenomenon," he is skeptical. But what happens in Venice will change everything.



"Wicked Business: A Lizzy and Diesel Novel" by Janet Evanovich

Adult fiction. Lizzy works at Dazzle's bakery in Marblehead, Mass., and makes amazing cupcakes. She also has a special power that is guarded and governed by a quest for artifacts directed by Diesel. Add into the mix some vampire-like bad guys and women who desire extra power, a strange sword- wielding minion and a monkey named Carl.



"The Accursed" by Joyce Carol Oates

Adult fiction. Set in Princeton, N.J., at the turn of the 19th century, a quiet, elite town assailed by a dark curse. A disturbing chain of events begins when Woodrow Wilson, then the president of Princeton University, refuses to speak out against a lynching that occurred just outside town. The characters, including influential people of the time like Mark Twain, Jack London and Upton Sinclair, are thrust into the darkness that has befallen Princeton.



"Crystal Cove" by Lisa Kleypas

Adult fiction. Incapable of falling in love, Justine Hoffman, whose mother cast a spell to protect her from heartbreak, longs to lead a normal life. Finding a way to temporarily block the enchantment, Justine falls in love with the mysterious Jason Black, unleashing a dangerous passion.

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