Letters to the editor-05-04-2013

May 4, 2013 


... for successful pet expo

Rocky's Rescue Inc. (a local nonprofit rescue organization) would like to send a huge thank you to our donators for the Pet Expo April 27.

The showing was a great success for us. We met many wonderful folks from around the valley. We are just a young, up-and-coming rescue, so it was a great opportunity for us to introduce ourselves on a larger scale. Thank you to our raffle donators: El Gallo Giro- Kuna, Miche purses, Suzi Q Western, Stampin it up, Pandora Jewelry, Heather Kozup for her Kozup Photography donation, Ed Richie Photography, Jamie Hallman for her Younique Cosmetics donation and Avon.

Also, thanks to all of the amazing donators at the expo. Your donations, as well as the funds from the raffle, are going to help immensely as we head into puppy season. Puppy season is a reminder to all, please spay and neuter your pets. Hit us up on Facebook if you are looking to adopt a pet or want to help our cause. We can always use volunteers, donators and foster homes. Thanks again, Treasure Valley, for showing your support!


... a belated thanks

The year was 1992. In August my sister and I came to Boise for a wedding.

It was only a month after our mother passed away and we were still pretty shaken up. While we were stopped at a light, a long white limousine pulled up beside us. A man in a gray suit and red hair popped out of the sunroof. "Pardon me. Do you have any Grey Poupon?" That man never had any idea what he did for us in our time of grief. We laughed for blocks.

I never got to thank him. I only hope that after all this time he reads this and knows that I am extremely grateful and I have never forgotten what he did for us that day.

If anyone knows who he was, please email me at pennybracy@cableone.net.

PENNY BRACY, Clarkston, Wash.


Parent participation is a positive for girls

This letter is in response to Shelly Houston regarding Girl Scout cookies. She questions the incentives behind cookie sales, but besides the girls' personal goals, they set troop goals as well.

I have two granddaughters that are both Scouts and their troops are donating over five cases of cookies to the Meridian Food Bank and the Veterans Resource Network, which provides care packages to deployed military.

They also earn cookie dough that helps them pay for events throughout the year including camp, Thinking Day (when the girls learn about other countries), and the Me and My Guy Dance that the girls participate in with an important man in their life.

Girl Scouts still learn about salesmanship, good manners, confidence and the ability to handle disappointment. It just might be a little different approach than when Houston was a Girl Scout. Not all facilities are kid-friendly, so leaving an order form in the breakroom leaves the decision up to the employees.

The parents are more involved and participatory and in my opinion this is a positive change, not a negative one. It's not just about the girls but about the community they are a part of as well.



Promises turn out empty

Be extremely aware of timeshare sales seminars. The people who act as representatives are not being exactly truthful in their presentation to customers attending these sales events. We've got stuck with buying shares with a popular timeshare here in the Treasure Valley area, and we were duped into their tactics. Only afterward did we find out that their promises to buy back any shares we bought (at the price we bought it) were false and misleading to say the least.

It's been several years since, and we're still battling this company to stand behind all their promises that the salesman at the seminar gave to each one of us attending. We've had no luck.

They haven't helped us, one iota. All they want is their money, and as for any promises made during the sales event, sorry, they don't have any control over what is said at such events.

Are we the only ones who have had trouble from timeshare scams? Anyone want to buy a timeshare?



Please follow the rules

Let me first say that I think the Boise River Greenbelt trail system is wonderful. I grew up in Boise in the '60s and '70s when there was no such opportunity to ride, walk or run along the river.

Recently, while visiting the city, I decided to ride my bike on the trail. I was involved in a head-on bike crash completely due to another cyclist not following the rules.

He was passing another cyclist just as he entered the tunnel area under the 9th Street bridge and was in the oncoming lane. I was thrown from my bike and have some back problems and some damage to my touring bike. Luckily I was wearing my helmet; otherwise the outcome could have been much worse.

I would just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone who uses the trail to follow the rules. The cyclist who hit me broke three rules: not using caution, not keeping to the right and not slowing down. During my ride I also observed many cyclists not wearing helmets. Ride safely on the Greenbelt for everyone's sake.

MARY TILLOTSON, Poulsbo, Wash.

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