Boise woman faces felony for box wine theft

May 3, 2013 

A Boise woman faces a felony burglary charge after she allegedly stole a box of wine from a convenience store late Thursday night.

Karen King, 48, is accused of entering the store on Cole Road and Denton Street, grabbing the wine and taking it into the store’s restroom, where she consumed it. Boise police arrested her shortly after she left the business, according to a press release.

Police spokesman Charles McClure said King was charged with a felony because she allegedly entered the store with the intent to steal. Idaho law defines burglary as entering into any structure with the intent to commit theft or any felony.

There is no minimum dollar value for a theft to qualify as a burglary, McClure said. The wine typically retails between $3 and $9.

King had been arrested the day before for reportedly stealing another box of wine, this time from a store on Boise Avenue and Apple Street. Police caught her right outside the business and returned the item to the proprietors, McClure said. King was charged with petit theft because the stolen goods were recovered.

King faces between one and 10 years in prison for burglary, and up to one year in jail for the petit theft charge.

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