Yellow Lab saves another dog attacked by hawk in Idaho

May 3, 2013 

Daring rescue: When a hawk seized a 7-pound Yorkshire terrier named Cory, Dakota raced to his aid and chased the bird away. Owner Steve Groves in Post Falls saw the hawk fly away before Cory and Dakota returned home together.

Cuts on Cory's side: The smaller dog needed stitches to stop the bleeding, Groves said. The vet confirmed that the cuts likely were caused by talons.

Life-saving move: Groves credits Dakota - a retriever indeed - for saving Cory. Even if the bird of prey hadn't been unable to fly away with Cory, it likely would have eaten him on the ground.

Close to home: Groves has no plans to keep Cory penned up. He thinks the brush with death might be enough to keep the Yorkie close to home for a while - and Cory now seems to prefer to stay inside.

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