Our View: Open heart and wallet to 'Idaho Gives'

May 1, 2013 

It has been proven time and again through various charitable fundraising efforts that Idaho and the Treasure Valley are filled with giving people — even during difficult economic times.

Occasional annoying telephone solicitations, which raise questions about the legitimacy of some fundraising efforts, don’t even seem to bother us. When the need is there, folks in the Gem State step up to provide food, clothing and services to those in needs. That’s what makes Idaho and the Treasure Valley such a great place to live.

On Thursday, Idahoans will have another great opportunity to open their hearts, and this time the donors will have total control. The Idaho Nonprofit Center is sponsoring its first “Idaho Gives,” a statewide 24-hour giving blitz aimed at giving a financial boost to more than 500 nonprofit causes throughout Idaho. Lynn Hoffman, executive director of the Idaho Nonprofit Center, says that money designated to nonprofit services will go directly to those organizations. There will be no administrative costs.

Specifics can be found on Facebook, Twitter and at idahogives.org. But as Hoffman describes, this is an excellent to learn about the nonprofit organizations and the critical role they play in communities. It’s also an opportunity for those working for nonprofit organizations to have fun in the process. She says that $40,000 will be given away during the day to organizations through random drawings and prizes.

The goal is to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, primarly through online efforts. But money is not the only measure of success. It will be interesting to see the “buzz” created by calls to action through social media. This kind of effort would not have been possible only a few years ago.

There’s no question about the important role of nonprofits in this day of sequesters and limited funding from state and local sources. The work of nonprofits do not make up for lack of government funding, but they do help fill a void in society. Where would we be without food banks, health and human service organizations and senior centers?

There’s not enough space to provide the full list of service provided by nonprofit organizations. But you can go to idahogives.org and find out more. Your donations will be a big help to so many organizations that are making a difference in Idaho.

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