Letters to the editor-05-01-2013

May 1, 2013 


Liberal agenda shines in coverage

The Boston Marathon bombing highlighted the mainstream media's twisted coverage of recent U.S. terror events.

Shortly after the bombing the major networks speculated that the bombing might be the work of "white supremacists." If this sounds familiar it is, because the media tried to tie the recent shootings of prosecutors in Texas to white supremacists (no link at all), the shooting in Aurora, Colo., and Tucson, Ariz., to right wingers, and the Washington, D.C., sniper shootings several years ago to disgruntled whites.

Perhaps one would miss the pattern if it were not for journalist David Sirota who wrote, "let's hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American."

Mr. Sirota could not hold his tongue, but making the connection between what he is openly saying and what the mainstream media is thinking is easy. The ideal perpetrator for the media's "Reichstag Fire," event would be a white, Christian, male, from Texas who was a NRA member.

The mainstream media are no longer simply perpetrating liberal bias, they are openly antagonistic to what they perceive as obstacles to their agenda and seek to demonize traditional conservatives while at the same time claiming their opponents are fanning the flames of intolerance.



'We' must change

Along with most of my fellow Americans, I tend to gripe about our system of government. Now and then I stop to realize that the failure is not our system, but us.

The revolution left us with 13 separate colonies. Our Founding Fathers came together to create a united set of states, with each state having their own government.

Many feared that a federal form of government would take too much power. They were called Anti-federalists, many of whom owned slaves and feared a federal system would interfere with that practice. They came face to face with the Federalists and hammered out our Constitution with provisions for changes built in.

There have been some changes: slavery was ended, and women finally got the right to vote. Now we may need to make further amendments, such as putting term limits on the Supreme Court, senators and representatives.

And the Electoral College could be outmoded now.

It is up to us, folks. We have the tools to change those things we do not like. Note: I said, "we."



Laws not followed

Mark Floyd Sr.'s letter (April 22) demonstrates the semantic trap of labeling "assault rifles." But gun people know what the issue is about: "black guns," AR-platform guns, or as the gun manufacturers euphemistically call them, "modern sporting rifles" (MSR).

He is deliberately misleading or just misinformed when he distinguishes between the .223 (civilian, good) and the 5.56 (military, bad). These two rounds can be fired interchangeably in any gun chambered for either, just like a .308 Winchester (civilian) can be fired in a 7.62 x 51 (military) and vice versa because they're the same cartridge.

Background checks would work better if Idaho (and other states) actually followed its own laws. Check out Idaho Code Section 66-356(1). As far as I can determine, it isn't being followed, at least in guardianships. Background checks would also work better if the free enterprise system was unleashed. Shooter hurts a victim with a gun acquired without benefit of a background check. Prior owner gets successfully sued if shooter was on the no-buy list. We money-grubbing attorneys could make that work.


Focus on the 'nuts'

Squirrels or nuts?

I'm one of those weak-minded guys that can't think for myself, who needs to be fed by the NRA.

The NRA told me that there are approximately 2 million incidents every year in our country in which a citizen uses a gun for self-defense. The good news is they only need to shoot in 4 percent of those incidents. The other 96 percent of the incidents are seldom, if ever, reported. God forbid that our media would report an incident that would make it appear to be a good idea to have a gun.

Violent crime statistics suggest to me that every one of us could be the target of a crime of violence at least once in our lifetime. What are you going to do? Call the cops? When every second counts, the cops are only minutes away.

Let's stop worrying about the squirrels and focus on the nuts. Guns are not the problem. Mental illness, in many forms including Islamic-jihad brainwashing, is the problem.



Statesman leaves space for liberals

I find it interesting that by and large the letters to the Statesman balance out.

I find that opinions mostly are liberal, not disturbingly so, liberal nonetheless.

I note that there are more complaints against the conservative views than those of the left.

Mr. Allred's letter (April 21) complains that Mr. Dano Savino has been given too much space on the opinion page. How does Mr. Allred feel about the Luckovich hateful cartoons citing Republicans. These appear repeatedly, will he cancel his subscription because of Luckovich?

The Statesman removed Mallard and kept Doonesberry! Not what I would call a fair balance especially since Luckovich still appears frequently.

I find that all newspapers are like the purveyors of higher education in that they are all staffed by the "flower people" of the '60s. Many of them looking for Utopia. They want everything their way and will endeavor to smear anything that does not meet their agenda.

CHUCK EGAN, Meridian

The 'truth' hurts

Writer Bob Allred stated his desire to have letters from Dano Savino rejected. "I'm sure I speak for a substantial portion of the Statesman's readership who believe that Mr. Savino's letters are offensive." I don't find them offensive. I like his letters because all contain truth. Perhaps that's what's offensive?


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