Meridian to create business registry

The list will help the city alert business owners to changes.

zkyle@idahostatesman.comApril 30, 2013 

Meridian is home to about 1,600 businesses that city officials know about.

But the total number is probably double that, which becomes a problem when the city needs to inform business owners about new ordinances or track whether businesses are coming to or leaving Meridian, Community Development Director Bruce Chatterton says.

The registry will compile business names, operation summaries and contact information.

"Absent that information, it's a little hard to communicate with the (members of the) business community when there are changes that affect them," Chatterton says. "We find ourselves notifying property owners. Businesses aren't always the property owners."

Officials considered recommending that the City Council pass an ordinance requiring businesses to register. Chatterton says officials decided against that after hearing from local business owners that a mandate would place an additional and burdensome requirement on companies that already have to file paperwork with various agencies.

The city will instead compile business information from existing records from the clerk's office, building permits and other in-house databases, Chatterton says.

"There would have been benefits to having (registration be) a requirement, but it's not to be dismissed lightly that we would create a new hoop for businesses to jump through," Chatterton says. "It's not a terribly onerous hoop, but it would be one thing more."

Chatterton says there is no timetable yet for creating the registry, nor have officials determined whether the registry will be available to the public.


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