Boise mom: Cops took my kids over pot activism

April 29, 2013 

Lindsey Rinehart, center, with microphone, speaks at a press conference Monday about her struggle to get her kids back after police removed them from her custody last week.


Lindsey Rinehart's two sons are in state custody after police found things in Rinehart's home that warranted removing the children, Boise Police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower said.

At a press conference Monday on the steps of the Idaho State Capitol building, Rinehart accused police of targeting her for her activism in favor of legalizing medical marijuana in Idaho. Rinehart, who said she uses marijuana to treat her multiple sclerosis, is a leading voice for Compassionate Idaho, a group of state residents working to relax marijuana laws.

She has not been charged with a crime.

Hightower said investigators went to Rinehart's home last week after a child at a local school reported being sick. The child was suspected of having eaten marijuana that another child brought to the school, Hightower said. That led police to Rinehart's home, she said, which they entered after receiving permission from a babysitter who was there with four children, two of them Rinehart's sons.

Rinehart and her husband, Josh, weren't home at the time and officers couldn't reach them by phone, Hightower said.

According to a press release from Boise police, investigators say they found drug paraphernalia and what appeared to be marijuana. They secured a search warrant and are continuing an investigation regarding the contents of the home.

Meanwhile, detectives concluded the marijuana and paraphernalia were accessible to children and contacted the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to remove the children from the home, the release states.

The release noted that Boise police do not normally share details on an active investigation, but chose to respond after the Rineharts spoke about the situation.

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