Coffee: We love it - and here's why

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Flavor ranks as the most important quality in a cup of coffee, according to a recent survey.



    Researchers are finding new health benefits to coffee all the time. Two to three cups a day can keep blood vessels flexible, lower your stroke risk by 30 percent, cut the risk of early death by 18 percent in women and 3 percent in men, and may help you dodge some cancers, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease and type 2 diabetes. Potential negative effects include the jitters, heart palpitations, migraines and diarrhea.

    Drs. Mehmet Oz and Mike Roizen, The You Docs

Have you become a coffee connoisseur, someone who prefers taste over convenience?

If taste matters to you when you head out for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, you are in the majority of Americans who will go out of their way to get a cup of joe.

According to a recent Harris Interactive survey, taste plays an important role when deciding where to buy coffee or tea, as 78 percent of the 2,496 respondents agreed.

Taste ranked more than 20 percentage points higher than any other factor, including price, at 54 percent.

What's more is that the Harris poll data revealed that three in five coffee (or tea) customers say they visit most often their favorite coffee shop, even if there's another shop available that's more convenient.

Here are more findings about our java habits:

- Of those who said they buy coffee or tea drinks at least a few times a week, 60 percent say they visit their favorite coffee shop instead of settling for a shop that's "more convenient."

- When customers go out for coffee or tea, they prefer a national chain almost two-to-one over a local shop.

- The survey also found that some customers say "it depends" on the taste, the price of their regular beverage and the location of the coffee shop.

- The friendliness of the staff, the variety of the menu, the familiarity of the chain and atmosphere remain somewhat important to coffee lovers.

- Researchers at Harris Interactive also surveyed customers about their favorite chains and found that customers preferred Dunkin' Donuts over Einstein Bros Bagels and Starbucks.

- With taste on the forefront of customer's minds, findings in the Harris Poll suggest coffee shops may start feeling the pinch from popular, take-home brands who offer "specialized coffee and convenience."

- The convenience of single-serve, home-brewing machines have been steadily gaining in popularity with American adults buying a machine in an effort to cut down on the number of coffee runs.

- About one-third of respondents say they have a single-cup brewing system at home, work or both.

- Among adults with a single-serve, home-brewing machine, 70 percent said they chose to use it "instead of buying a drink at a coffee shop."

- The top one-shot coffee machine brand, according to Harris Interactive, is Keurig, as Mr. Coffee, Bosch, DeLonghi, Cuisinart and Krups round out the field.

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