Cost comparison: Boise State football season tickets vs. the region

ccripe@idahostatesman.comApril 28, 2013 

Here is how Boise State prices compare to some other schools. For the high-end tickets, we used the highest-priced ticket that is widely available (no suites, club seats, tiny sections, etc.). Those prices include ticket and per-seat booster donation. For the least-expensive tickets, we used to cheapest single season ticket (no family plans, etc.). Those tickets do not require donations.


Oregon: $1,304/$333

Washington: $1,249/$299

Utah: $1,100/$175

Oregon State: $1,079/$170

Boise State: $865/$230

Washington State: $750/$175

Fresno State: $480/$140

San Diego State: $355/$66

Boise State is unique among these schools - it has the smallest stadium other than Washington State and can't offer the home schedules of the Pac-12 teams, but competes with the Pac-12 for players and coaches.

Season tickets increased by 2.6 percent for the bulk of the stadium this season.

"We need to be very careful that we don't price ourselves out of the market," Athletic Director Mark Coyle said. "… You're trying to find that balance. We have a football program that is competing on a national level. We want to do everything we can to keep that program, because it is such a strong marketing tool not only for Boise State University, but for our community and our state. … We don't have to have the biggest house in the neighborhood, but we want to be in the neighborhood. Coach (Chris) Petersen and his staff - (those Oregon and Washington schools) are who they're recruiting against. The fans have been so loyal to us and helped us stay in that race. That's who we see as our peers. That's who we want to compete against. For many reasons, we don't have the revenue they have. We can't change that right now."

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