Letters to the editor - 4-28-13

April 28, 2013 


Statesman correct: Obama made panic

I finally agree with the Statesman! Yes, yes, yes! Of course, Obama created the gun panic.

Fortunately he lost, lost badly, and spent his political capital doing it. He is officially a nobody now. I am so grateful for his more vociferous colleagues who were willing to honestly state what they really want - an incremental dismantling of the Second Amendment. Now that we know we will give up nothing. Not one inch.

Why does "common sense" always mean gun owners give up something? How about true compromise? We shoot down all their proposed legislation and likewise, the hippies can shoot down all our proposed legislation - which will leave us squarely where we are. That is true compromise. And, by the way, hippies, thanks again for the heads up. We will remain on guard forever.

JOHN W. WEAVER, Meridian

Editorial panders to NRA politics

Twice as many Americans have been shot as civilians than in all the wars combined since World War I. No other civilized people are so paranoid and fearful of their government to tolerate such carnage.

Shamefully, the Statesman's April 20 "Our View" blames the latest episodic frenzy for guns, ammo and concealed weapons permits as the unintended consequence of the president's failed attempt to pass gun regulation utilizing the tragedy at Sandy Hook. The president merely gave support and voice to the victims of carnage nobly attempting to prevent future carnage.

The Statesman, however, furthered the irrational politics of the NRA and four Idaho congressmen conjoined in that belief that any sensible gun regulation is unconstitutional. If this were so, why can't these buffoons purchase fully automatic weapons?

The real benefit of our constitutional right to bear arms is for hunting and recreating and not for defense against our tyrannical government. They certainly do not make us safer. Just as health insurers charge more for obesity and smoking, the actuary statistics show a tragic cost for gun ownership. It's a shame the Statesman pandered to prevailing NRA politics and not for the side of reason making a reasoned effort to mitigate gun carnage.


Guns prevent crime

More guns, less crime.

Great April 20th "Our View" editorial concerning our Second Amendment! It's a fact that violent crime has decreased over the past five years, yet during that time there has been an increase in gun sales.

Aurora, Colo.: a crazy man living a movie fantasy. Sandy Hook: a crazy man that had even a crazier mother that taught him how to be an effective shooter. Obama's bill did little for mental health and the movies.

When I grew up the most violent TV I watched was some half blind old man trying to kill a rabbit. Maybe there is some influence from TV and the movies. I'm now an old man still trying to harvest a rabbit!

Obamacare: I have little respect for any president that exploits children. President Obama exploits a young boy that lost his mother because she didn't have health insurance. What an American president should have said was, "As president, I will do all I can to simplify the tax code, put in place a level field tariff program to generate jobs, so all Americans can purchase their own health insurance and obtain their personal American dream." Jobs are always healthier than social programs!



Life skills are best measure of success

There has been lots of buzz about school improvement and test scores, under the assumption that a direct connection exists. With all due respect to test scores and their role in measuring student achievement, the real measurement of being educated is using learning in real life throughout life.

The third-grade children at Pioneer Elementary in Meridian, under the remarkable abilities of music teacher Corlyss Peterson, recently demonstrated the connection between formal schooling and real-life learning. They performed using songs, dances, costumes and speeches a "Musical Journey Around the World." They demonstrated knowledge of abilities in reading, math, social studies, and above all musical performance. Plus they enthralled the audience! How can that be measured on a test?


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