Letters to the editor-04-27-2013

April 27, 2013 


... to dedicated teachers

In these times of constant bad news, I would like to remind people of a positive in our community and that's our teachers.

We are blessed with dedicated educators that always give their all. They are rarely finished with their work at the end of the school day. I was reminded of that recently when my daughter's high school journalism teacher spent her free time attending a play that my daughter is involved in. Thank you Mrs. Harmon as it meant a great deal to her.

My girls have had the good fortune of having excellent teachers that are committed to mentoring, inspiring, and supporting our kids. From Mrs. French, Gurnsey, Merrill, and Smith to Mr. Burton, Ward, Dineen, and Bear - you can be sure they will go above and beyond for their students.

My oldest has also had the great privilege of having teachers that although are not officially hers, they still mentor and guide her. Why? Because they are teachers and that's what they do.

Thank you Mr. Labrum and Mrs. Rodrick for your helpful hearts.

This is why I support our teachers and think it's about time we acknowledge the great work they do.


... to generous couple

I must tell you about an incident that happened recently.

My wife and I went to JB's on Sunday, April 14. As we walked in the door, a young couple were sitting in the waiting area, and gave up their seats to my wife and me. Then they gave us their place in line for being served. In addition to all these kind deeds we discovered this couple paid our meal ticket. Truly unbelievable.

We can't understand how complete strangers could show such kindness. We hope we can get the names of this couple and that we can have more fellowship with them.


... for successful book sale

The Annual Spring Book Sale sponsored by the Friends of the Boise Public Library was a huge success. The Friends raised $38,000 for the Boise Public Library, which will be used for programs and new materials. Many thanks to our dedicated volunteers, generous donors and wonderful customers whose support made this possible.

JO ANNE MICHAELS, president, Friends of the Boise Public Library, Boise

... to Rotary Clubs

Thanks to the Rotary Clubs of Boise for sponsoring the Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program and banquet on April 16.

Also, the program insert in The Idaho Statesman was appreciated as an additional tribute to the students and educators honored that evening. Rotarians, Bea Black, school officials and the other sponsors and partners who organized and funded the program and evening ceremony deserve our profound gratitude.

The keynote address of Cherie Buckner-Webb and Judge Bail's invocation were memorable.

If they were taped or transcribed, please make them available as a public service. I wish every high school student in our area could have heard their messages.

My mother, a retired teacher, appreciated the recognition of students and educators.

She said that her father, a lifelong Rotarian, would have loved to have seen the Boise Rotary Clubs Century Scholars medal being placed around my daughter's neck.

Will the many other deserving students and educators in high schools throughout the Treasure Valley be similarly honored by their respective Rotary Clubs or other civic organizations? I hope so.


... to Friends in Action

I am 87 years old, and I live alone.

There is a wonderful organization in Boise that helps many seniors. It is Friends in Action and its phone number is 333-1363.

The great volunteers have taken me to doctor appointments, have worked in my yard and even helped with vacuuming.

I want to really thank them and let others know how much they have made my life easier.


... to Cynthia Mann school

The generosity of the students, parents and teachers of Cynthia Mann Elementary will transform the lives of thousands of children at Kikeneani Primary School in Kenya.

They donated more than 1,500 books and raised $1,000.41 toward shipping costs. The efforts were coordinated by Kim Thompson, the music teacher.

The children in Kenya who will benefit from the books live in a location that is regularly affected by droughts, and parents use whatever little money they have to buy food.

The school has more than 350 students and only eight trained teachers, none with a college degree. Mary Waeni, the second-grade teacher has 42 pupils in her class and no reading books. These books will help children learn to read at an early age. The Cynthia Mann Elementary School is making a difference.


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