Our View: Way To Go, Idaho

April 26, 2013 

Our offices and digital platforms at the Idaho Statesmen are a clearinghouse where our audience delivers articulate comments, letters and essays - a majority about the issues besetting us. We are grateful for the intelligence and feedback we receive, but we want our focus to go beyond our problems to our successes.

That is why on occasion we are going to devote this space to accomplishments large and small by individuals and groups - paying particular attention to nongovernmental initiatives. We will note examples of progress, job creation, kindness and civility that we all witness. You told us about many of this first installment's lineup. So, we're just passing on the appreciation and applause in the form of Way To Go, Idaho.


Marion Phillips, an 87-year-old Boise woman, is in your debt. "The great volunteers have taken me to doctor appointments, worked in my yard and even helped with vacuuming. I want to really thank them and let others know how much they have made my life easier."

Friends in Action: Dedicated to supporting family caregivers and the elders they care for. 1607 W. Jefferson St., Boise, 83702.

info@fiaboise.org; (208) 333-1363.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-in-Action/163789536991977


Students, parents and teachers at the school raised more than $1,000 and donated 1,500 books headed for Kikeneani Primary School in Kenya. Some 350 Kenyan students will benefit from the donations. This is a win-win-win, 360-degree transaction of good will that brings that glass half-full to the brim. Kids at one end of the world are getting involved in solutions for needy kids far across the classroom globe, and perhaps learning the lesson of "paying it forward."


Kids from Boise, Eagle, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian and Star were recognized by their respective mayors Wednesday for demonstrating "character by rising above hardships, serving their communities, and exhibiting kindness and consideration for others." Though building character isn't an actual course in schools these days, we know our teachers strive to give examples of it. When students demonstrate it, they deserve as much positive reinforcement as we can muster.


Yes, we know that 10 Barrel Brewing Company is going to be competition for other Boise craft beer emporiums and bars in the city, but we have to clink to the prospect of more than 100 new jobs coming to the region. Beer lovers are just going to have to paddle and pedal a little more so they can burn off the extra girth that might accumulate in the act of supporting all those suds.


With legitimate fanfare and celebration, the 8th and Main Building that filled the Boise Hole was "topped off" Wednesday. Future tenants already have spoken for 80 percent of the office space. Boise Hole watchers might have to divide their attention among Falcon Cam, Eagle Cam and Crane Cam in the days to come.


It is great news for Boise that Albertsons will continue to sponsor the Boise Open for another three years. Stability is everything when building a brand and a following. Golf tournaments are no exception.


Let's put aside the rivalry between "American Idol" and "The Voice" singing competitions for a moment and just savor the success of the Idahoan folk duo Midas Whale. Jon Peter Lewis and Ryan Hayes have done Idaho and Rexburg proud. They'll be doing vocal battle again soon on "The Voice" and we wish them the best.

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