Letters to the editor: failed gun bill-04-25-2013

April 25, 2013 

Joel Pett / Lexington Herald-Leader (April 24, 2013)


Gun bill was a start

They caught the terrorists from the Boston Marathon bombing. It was quick.

Thanks to all the agencies involved on a job well done. I hope that the guns that these terrorists used were legally obtained. If not, shame on those senators who voted against universal background checks. Would it have stopped this tragedy? Probably not. But it could stop it from happening in the future.


Defeat Crapo, Risch

I was truly disturbed about the Senate's vote to take no action on the gun legislation that was pending. I want my senators to be among the first to know that I will be working for the defeat of all members of our U.S. Senate.

My disgust with the entire band of politicians we have now in Washington can only be described as utter contempt. They are a group that feeds on the American public and contributes nothing to solving the problems of our nation. I want my senators to feel free to share my feelings with their comrades in Washington.

I am reminded of the quote of a leader in the Tour de France bike race in 2010. After a defeat on a stage in the race where he felt a rival had taken an unfair advantage he said "My stomach is full of anger, and I want to take my revenge."

I will take mine by contributing and working to defeat current incumbents in the Senate and House. A lazier, more self-centered bunch, the United States has never seen.


Squirrels and the NRA

I see some similarities between the people that are feeding the squirrels and the gunslingers and the NRA.

Squirrels are cute rats. They spread disease, dig up yards, flower beds and chew electrical wiring, etc. They usually do the damage to the neighbors of the people that are attracting them to the neighborhood. The NRA is feeding the people that can't think for themselves enough to realize that all anyone wants to do is make it safer for the people of this country. Why do we have to buy a driver's license before we can drive? Isn't that to make it safer for the rest of us?

Why isn't that in the Constitution? Oh yeah, because there weren't cars at that time and now common sense rules. Quit feeding the varmints!


Guns produce safety

On the subject of guns, I've seen many inquiries asking the question "If guns save lives, why don't we ever hear about it?"

For one, the blatantly biased media would never consider printing anything like that. However, every month in the magazine "The American Rifleman," there is one full page of cases where being armed has saved their or someone else's life.

In many cases the victims would not be alive today had they not had the means to defend themselves.

It is a well-established fact that the places with the strictest gun laws, New York or Chicago, for example, have the highest crime rate.


Editorial ignored facts

Concerning the April 20 "Our View" on gun control - Wow! What is going on with the new editorial staff at the Idaho Statesman?

As a 40-year subscriber, I have never read such an exemplary piece of misinformation from professional journalists.

It's classic circle logic; that is, arriving at whatever conclusion you start out to by intentionally disregarding all the facts to the contrary.

Blaming President Obama for the recent temporary spike in gun sales and concealed weapons permits in Ada County is tantamount to blaming Idaho Power for seasonal spikes in our power bills - weather happens, and so does politics!

It's not the president's fault if Ada County has an inordinate number of paranoid reactionaries. According to several recent polls, 90 percent of Americans support the president's stance on gun control.

Like every other cowardly congressman who voted against all sane gun control measures, Idaho's Sens. Crapo and Risch were bullied and intimidated by the most powerful lobby in Washington - the NRA.

So correct me if I'm wrong: In supporting the Crapo/Risch vote(s), the Idaho Statesman officially supports citizen assault weapon ownership and minimal background checks for gun purchases. Don't blame you guys for hiding your names behind the "Our View" moniker.


Senators cater to lobbyists

Super! Our great senators from Idaho "stuck to their guns!" They showed the world what really matters. The next election. Why try to save even one child? It is the NRA and arms manufacturers that count.

Good for you. You towed the party line and that of the lobbyists; 300 million guns on our streets isn't enough. Gun sales are booming now in Idaho and the CEOs love you.

They are not ashamed either. Gun sales, tow the party line and assumed elections are goals you reached. Thanks!


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