Join the discussion: Did President Obama create gun panic?

April 24, 2013 

Lee Judge / The Kansas City Star (April 20, 2013)


Is the current near-panic in gun sales the president's fault? Obama "has created a panic, which has led to a boom in gun sales and permit applications," the Statesman editorial board wrote Saturday.

By a roughly 8-to-1 margin, letter writers over the past few days felt that statement unfair at best. NRA fear mongering "is the reason for the spike in gun sales, not a bipartisan piece of legislation that did not infringe on the Second Amendment and was supported by 90 percent of the American people," wrote Brett Walters of Meridian. "They should get their fair share of the blame or credit," argued Frank Driscoll of Meridian. And said Michael A. Chitty of Boise: "Your dismissal of Sandy Hook and Tucson are shameless. Had either happened in Boise, the editorial staff would've had a very different perspective.

Art Imel of Nampa was one of the few to agree with the editorial board: "Allow me to congratulate you on hitting the proverbial nail right on the head!"

The discussion's not over. Read the editorial here, and today's letters in response here. Then, submit your own letter here - and join in the discussion online in the comments sections.

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