Join the conversation: Public art in Boise

April 19, 2013 

Has Boise made good picks for its public art? Statesman readers responding to Tim Woodward's April 14 column showed today that they're not hesitant to share their opinions.

In a letter to the editor, Roberta Myers of Meridian advised city arts officials, "Believe your eyes and your heart and not the people selling it to you. Tim Woodward, you said it very well, as usual!"

Others weren't impressed with Woodward's eye for art. "We are happy that Mr. Woodward is planning to participate in the public selection process," wrote Robyn Salathe and Jane Lloyd of Boise. "He may learn that art is more than statues of people."

To recap, Woodward's column questioned the merits of some of the art pieces commissioned for various parts of Boise over the years, including the "rundown, ill-conceived, formerly steaming crack" prominently placed at Capitol and Front.

"What law says public art has to be ugly, weird, or both?" he wrote.

Give the column another read here. Then see what letter writers had to say here.

And it's not too late to chime in. Submit your own letter to the editor at this link.

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