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March 8, 2009 

POPULUS, a Boise research firm, has conducted a study to gauge the community's priorities for the Vision for the Valley project.

Defining priorities

The study used a series of multiple-choice questions to determine a respondent's top priorities, among the 10 Vision for the Valley action items. The wording for these “Max/Diff” category priority questions are listed below.

Category priorities were established using 6 Max/Diff questions. In each Max/Diff question, each respondent is shown 4 of the 10 categories to be prioritized and are asked to select their Most Important and Least Important categories. This allows the computation of the intervals between categories in addition to each categories magnitude. In other words, not only can the relative importance be determined between categories, but the amount of difference can be determined as well. For instance, category 'x' (score of 20) is half as important as category 'y' (score of 40).

The question text displayed in each Max/Diff question was:

"Please consider how important the issues below are to you. Considering only these 4 issues, which is the Most Important and which is the Least Important?" Respondents were then given a list of four of the Vision for the Valley’s 10 action items:

• A strong economy: Encouraging, recruiting, retaining and developing businesses of all sizes that will enhance the Valley's long-term economic health.

• Environmental stewardship: Ensuring a healthy and aesthetically pleasing Valley by protecting air and water quality and preserving the Valley’s unique open space, such as the Foothills and Greenbelt.

• Educational opportunity: Providing a high quality, accessible and affordable educational system that serves students of all ages.

• Investing in mobility: Maintaining an adequate road system, enhancing public transit programs and encouraging walking and biking — building a versatile transportation system that meets the long-term demands of businesses and commuters.

• Training our workers: Programs that provide opportunities for local workers — and support a vibrant and innovative business community.

• Constructive collaboration: Enhanced partnerships between the public and private sectors and among governmental entities.

• Strong neighborhoods: Planning and protecting communities that allow people to live actively, affordably and comfortably and offer a full range of attractive, sustainable options.

• A caring community: Building a welcoming Valley that fosters happiness, encourages involvement and honors diversity.

• A charitable climate: Active support of nonprofit and volunteer organizations, ensuring opportunity for all residents, and building on the Valley’s tradition of compassion and involvement.

• A creative culture: Treasuring and supporting innovation and creativity in business, the arts, education and government.

Defining geography The wording of the geographic questions is listed below. Please enter your current address: Please keep in mind the address information will be safeguarded at POPULUS and will not be given to any other organization without your express consent. This information is necessary in order to report the results of this survey by legislative district.

- (optional) city

- (optional) state

- 5-digit Zip Code

Defining demographics

The wording of the demographic questions is listed below.

Marital Status: What is your marital status?

- Single / never married - Married

- Separated / divorced

- Widowed

- Other

Gender: What is your gender?

- Male

- Female

Children in Household: Please indicate the number of people (excluding yourself) living in your household for each category shown below.

- Your child(ren): 0 - 2 years old

- Your child(ren): 3 - 5 years old

- Your child(ren): 6 - 12 years old

- Your child(ren): 13 - 17 years old

- Your child(ren): 18 years or older

- Other child(ren): 0 - 18 years old

- Other adults

Age: Please enter your birth month and year.

- Month: Select…

- Year: Select…

Income: Approximately what was your household income for last year?

- Less than $15,000

- $15,000 to $34,999

- $35,000 to $49,999

- $50,000 to $74,999

- $75,000 to $99,999

- $100,000 to $149,999

- $150,000 to $199,999

- $200,000 or more

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