Vision for the Valley: Do you want to help build a vision together?

OUR VIEW VISION FOR THE VALLEY By taking an online survey, you can help set priorities and contribute new ideas

February 8, 2009 

Do you want to help shape the Vision for the Valley?

You can. In a matter of a few minutes, and without leaving your home.

Starting today, you can log on with POPULUS, a Boise research firm, and fill out an online Vision for the Valley survey.

It's easy - and yes, your opinion matters.

Your opinion will help us set priorities, and turn this vision and action plan into a reality.

After four summit meetings - and with the advice of more than three dozen community leaders - we have crafted a vision and a 10-point action plan. We think we have presented a good starting point for the future, but only a start. We think the survey will lead to some changes in our vision and action plan - but we won't know how it will change until the results come in later this month.

All 10 points in our action plan are important. And, in too many ways to count, the 10 points intersect and interrelate. It is impossible, for example, to build a strong economy without developing a well-trained work force.

So, where to begin? What matters the most - and creates the climate that helps make the rest of the action plan a reality? By taking the survey, you will help us all figure out what to do next.

The vision and the action plan only set the framework. We deliberately avoided recommending specific policies, leaving that to the next stage of the Vision for the Valley project.

We have about 70 people - elected officials, business people and interested people from all over the Valley - who have volunteered for Vision for the Valley working groups. Each group will take on one of the action items and look for things the Valley can do: some right away, others in the long term.

The survey will help the working groups know where the community wants to focus its attention, and perhaps give the groups some ideas that no one has thought of yet.

Through POPULUS' unique Community Insight survey, we're expecting to get a detailed gauge of local opinion. Obviously, we're hoping for as many responses as possible, in order to get a rich sample of the community. But POPULUS will build scientifically valid results, balanced against demographic data.

And the Community Insight approach will collect a database - a panel of respondents for follow-up Vision for the Valley surveys.

To find the survey, just go to

Since launching the Vision for the Valley editorial project six months ago, we have been inspired by the community's interest. We're grateful to everyone who has offered their time to attend our summit meetings, and to everyone who has signed up to help out with a working group.

(It isn't too late to sign up, by the way; just send an e-mail to

We're also excited about giving everyone a say, now and in the future.

If you have an opinion about the future of the Valley, and just a few minutes to share, you can help to shape this project. All you need to do is log in and fill out this simple survey. Then, you can check back and see the results for yourself.

We're also looking forward to seeing the results, because they will help bring to life a community vision - the right vision.

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