Horsethief Reservoir

February 27, 2008 

What's there: Rainbow and brown trout.

Description: Horsethief is a great place for fishing and camping. It is a short drive from Cascade and has a picturesque mountain setting and lots of public camping near the water, as well as public fishing docks and ramps for small boats.

Horsethief is equally popular with fly anglers, bait dunkers and trollers. It is the perfect size for float tubes, canoes and other small boats.

You can catch a lot of fish from the bank with Powerbait or a worm and marshmallow, which makes it a good place to take beginners and kids.

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game drained and poisoned Horsethief in 2006 to get rid of unwanted perch that overpopulated the reservoir. The agency restocked it last spring with rainbow and brown trout.

Getting there: Take Idaho 55 north to Cascade and then Warm Lake Highway just north of Cascade to the Horsethief Reservoir Road.

Drive time: About two hours.

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