Fishing with kids

February 27, 2008 

Keep it simple with a worm and marshmallow rig or a bobber and a worm.

* Choose a place where you know there are lots of trout. Local ponds are a great place to take kids. If fishing is slow and they get bored, it is a short drive home. Call the Idaho Department of Fish and Game at (208) 465- 8465 and ask where they have stocked recently.

* If your kids are very young, take their favorite toys. They may just want to run their toy trucks in the mud. Go with the flow. If you are fishing from the bank of a sandy reservoir, take a shovel and bucket and build sand castles if the fishing is slow.

* Make sure your kids are dressed for the weather. You may be able to tough out bad weather, but they will end up hating fishing.

* Take along snacks and other goodies. Small anglers travel on their stomachs.

* If you have a canoe and can fish a small lake or reservoir, try trolling with a spinner like a Mepps, Panther Martin or Rooster Tail. As you paddle along and the lines are out, the trout hook themselves. It is a simple way for kids to catch fish, and they enjoy the boat ride.

* After a fishing trip, treat them to lunch or dinner at their favorite place. It makes a fishing trip special. If you're going early in the morning, stop for breakfast. They'll associate blueberry pancakes with fishing.

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