Where are the best holiday lights in the Treasure Valley?

December 17, 2007 

Christmas lights such as these in the 2000 block of North Sapphire Place in Meridian are a holiday tradition.


Home holiday light displays are springing up all over town, and we want to know where to find the best ones.

If you know of a particularly impressive display, let us know so we can pass it on to our readers.

E-mail onlinenews@idahostatesman.com with the home address and a brief description of what is featured and what makes this display special.

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If you're planning a drive through town, here are a few addresses to get you started:

• 1315 N. 25th St., Boise.

• 4242 E. Aphrodite Court in Boise on "The Rim" of Columbia Village. There are several nativity displays outside with many colorful lights. As a bonus, inside the large RV garage are over 350 nativities on display from around the world including many children nativities. This open house is free to the public with Santa there from 6 - 9:30 p.m. each night through Sunday and from 6 - 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve. Free cookies and candy canes.

• 305 Walnut Creek Way in Nampa in the Middlecreek Subdivision. A full size lighted igloo and a working 21-foot lighted ferris wheel are the stand-outs. On weekend evenings, Santa and elves are there with hot cocoa and candy canes.

• 6517 South Grandview Drive. The Squires family, know for the Pumpkin House – one of if not the most lit up houses at Halloween, have a more modest, but worth seeing set of lights and decorations at .

• 550 St Kitts in Meridian. Light display of Disneyland characters.

• 1911 W. Hendricks Ct., Meridian: An animated light show with six songs, approximately 23 minutes long. Starts at 6 p.m. and runs to 9 p.m. Monday through Sunday.

• 1955 W Shortridge Ct Meridian. Used their front yard plus the neighbors!

• Richard Frazier showed heart and artistry when he decorated two homes for this Christmas season: his parents’ at 3301 Kingswood Ave and his Grandmother’s at 8757 Midland St. The two homes share a huge lot, with different street names (go figure!), enabling Richard to string many lights on the prettiest curve in town.

• 223 E. Cornell Drive, Meridian

• 2488 E. Tiger Lily Drive, Boise: A 10-minute show composed of 4 songs, all synchronized to music! 5240 lights in use, on 120 dimming channels! The show runs from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily.

• 2137 N. Sapphire Place, Meridian

• 2178 N. Sapphire Place, Meridian

• Slide Creek Lane in the Danskin Ridge Subdivision at Ten Mile and Columbia has the whole street lit up very nicely. There are also a couple of other really nice homes in that subdivision.

• Too many addresses to mention worth seeing up in Hidden Springs! And the neighborhood Merc is open for a hot drink!

• Quail Ridge Drive, Boise - Amazing!

• 6211 W. Parapet Court , Boise: Light show - music.

• Your previous comment about Hidden Springs is true – LOTS of homes beautifully done. We went out last weekend and thought this one in Hidden Springs: 13486 N. 3rd Ave. was especially fun.

• Devonshire Subdivision, most all the houses are lit nicely, but there are 2 houses in this subdivision that truly go all out. One house is 6489 Cheshire (right off Lake Hazel) that features around 40,000 lights(about 2,000 are inside) all kinds of stuff, if you like seeing stars there are plenty,they also feature a large donation box for the poor.if you take the 1st left from Cheshire you will see the other house that has also around 40,000 lights with a little ice rink with skaters.

• 2nd home in on the east side of five mile and south side of K Bar T. They are trying to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House.

• The address is 5305 N. Fox Run in Meridian. Synchronized music light show that runs Sun-Thur 6pm-9pm and Fri-Sat 6pm-11pm. Shows start at the top and bottom of each hour and run for about 13 minutes.

• 1804 Beech St in Caldwell has all kinds of displays, all handmade, too many to describe.

• My Neighbor always has an awesome Display. His home is in Silverwood Subdivision in SE Boise. His home is in corner of S. Eaglecrest Ave. and E. Oakridge St. Eaglecrest is off E. Amity Rd.

• 2200 E. Oakridge in Southeast Boise. On Christmas Eve, enjoy a visit from Santa with candy canes and hot chocolate.

• I just happened by a great decorated home. It is located at 3160 Duane Dr. in Meridian, (Ustick between Cloverdale and Eagle Rd.) Great light display with blowups, moving figures, etc.

• This light display is at 5551 N. Crimson Way in Boise, off Castle Drive. The house has thousands of lights and also features some outdoor decorations such as a manger scene, snowman, candles and much more. It is a long standing family tradition that is done by oldest son Nick Anderson, who is a full time student at Boise State University, as well as younger brothers Ryan Anderson and Sean Anderson. The Andersons would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and encourage people around the city of Boise to come check this display out.

• The beautiful old Sunset Nursery house at 2500 Sunset Ave in the north end looks great. I really like the penguins and all the perfectly wrapped trees. The whole property from front to back along the canal is tastefully lighted up with tons of lights!

• The light display at 10539 W. K Bar T Drive, Boise, is a very well designed layout of Christmas lights and figures. Over 200 figures and designs and thousands of lights, plus blow-ups. The specialty of the display is its talking Christmas tree, plus free candy canes for the kids. This is definitely a kids' display. A donation box for Ronald McDonald house.

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