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The Idaho StatesmanAugust 14, 2006 

— Jerard Rabb says the Boise State football team’s trio of senior returning starters at wide receiver have “a point to prove” this season.

Rabb, Drisan James and Legedu Naanee combined for 13 touchdowns last season but failed to deliver the difficult, clutch plays coaches expected.

“I could have, and should have, done more,” Rabb said.

Coaches and teammates have praised the trio since spring for their hard work and improvement.

The next step, coach Chris Petersen said, is for the receivers to prove the talk is for real.

“We’re just not looking for the average, ordinary, routine play,” Petersen said. “I always joke with those guys that I can go out there and catch a ball if I’m wide open. That’s not why they’re here.

“We’re looking for the extraordinary play.”

Read more about the senior receivers in Tuesday’s edition of the Idaho Statesman.


Boise State sophomore quarterback Bush Hamdan put together a strong practice this morning, the last day of two-a-days for the Broncos.

Hamdan led a crisp hurry-up offense early in practice and finished the workout with a 40-yard touchdown pass. Hamdan did not have a turnover in the practice.

Hamdan is competing with junior Taylor Tharp for the backup quarterback job.


The BSU coaching staff held a field-goal kicking competition after practice. Defensive graduate assistant Wes Nurse won with a 30-yarder. Offensive line coach Sean Kugler hit a 25-yarder, and everyone else missed.


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